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Monday, October 29

Can you believe in two more days October 2018 will be officially over?! It seems like October went by in a blur because the entire month I challenged myself to post Monday through Friday for four weeks. 

For some people, this challenge might seem easy to accomplish, but for me (aka a self-proclaimed perfectionist and procrastinator), this challenge was difficult to complete. Somedays I didn't feel like posting or had extreme writer's block while others (like tonight) my fingers practically typed 100mph trying to keep up with all the thoughts flowing from my head. Because of this fluctuation, I had a tough time staying consistent with my blog content but overall I'm happy we finished October on a good note.

Weekly Recap: Last week I taught you guys how to decorate with midnight blue,  shared simplistic centerpiece arrangements for Thanksgiving, and how to update your bathroom counters for under $10. This week is going to be slightly different from previous weeks because we're going on a small hiatus to create new content for you guys. This little hiatus won't last long because we're returning November 5th but in the meantime, you can catch up on our previous post clicking the links above or the photos below!

  click a photo to read the post!  

Hope you enjoyed last week's blog posts.
 Happy Monday and cheers to a new week! 

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