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Tuesday, October 2

So excited to share my first color codes blog post with you guys! Color Codes was created to teach you how to easily add to your home using color theory and hex color codes. Once a week I feature a specific hex color code and explain how to incorporate the color in your home. In each post, I use the featured color in combination with monochromatic shades, neutral tones, and vibrant color blocking hues. I'm happy to share this week's color because it's one of my favorite colors to decorate with, turquoise blue!

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Turquoise is a bold greenish-blue color that instantly brings energy to a room and lightens your mood. In color psychology, the color turquoise is believed to control and heal the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. Because of this, I prefer using it where I want deep, intellectual conversations to naturally start such as the living or dining room. To encourage healthy communication with your roommate or spouse you can incorporate turquoise into a shared bathroom or bedroom. Personally, I prefer to use turquoise in a central area because it's a bold color but feel free to try new things and do what's best for your home!

In feng shui (a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings) it represents water and believed to bring a refreshing "clean" feeling to the room you decide to add it to. Which is another reason why I added it to my living and dining room (let me know if you'd like to read a post all about my living room and how I decorated it!)


If you're intimidated by this bold color, don't be! One of the reasons I chose to feature turquoise first is because it's extremely versatile and easy to style with. Magazines like HGTV and Elle Decor use this color in very unique ways but what a lot of magazines/websites fail to mention why this color is so important and the logic behind creating a stylish, cohesive room. 

Below I created three different examples of how to decorate with turquoise. The first way is a clean monochromatic style, the second is a homey neutral style and the last example is a bold color blocking style. All of these styles are drastically different from each other but I use similar furniture in every style. 


I'm starting with this style first because it's my favorite out of the three examples. I know I'm a little bias because I typically decorate using this formula, but what can I say? I love decorating (and dressing) monochromatically because it's so easy to match colors in the same color family. It's a no-brainer, foolproof way to decorate. We all know darker and lighter shades of turquoise will ALWAYS look good together because colors in the same family consistently work together in a harmonious rhythm.

FUN FACT: The first row of colors are called shades because black is considered a shadow while the bottom row of colors are called tints because the more light (aka white) you add to a color the softer it gets. Both rows are considered turquoise because they gradually change within the same color range. We're basically increasing/decreasing the amount of light the color is exposed to (not going around the color wheel), therefore, both rows are STILL turquoise. Hope that makes sense, lol.


For the next room, I decided to go with a homey feel. Warm tones and pops of turquoise throughout the room encourages comfort and grounding to your space. This style is perfect for people who prefer natural wood furniture (as seen in the extendable dining room table), warm colors, and rich metallics.  Speaking of metallics, I used gold in this example, but don't be afraid to switch it up by using cool tone metallics (such as chrome or nickel),  or mix cool and warm metals (such as bronze and brushed silver) to give your room a unique look. The options are endless because turquoise has the perfect balance of green and blue!


This room was created for my bright and bold readers who adore exciting splashes of color in their lives! While I was designing this set I used the Triadic Colors of #40e0d0. In color theory, the definition for Triadic Colors is a color scheme that uses three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel. Triadic color harmonies tend to be considerably vibrant, even if you use pale or unsaturated versions of the hues (see example below!)

Turquoise has a fun triadic color scheme which includes a bold pinkish purple and yellowish gold. For the sake of this post, I'm going to call the colors fuchsia and gold but the official names are presumably something different.

While I was decorating this room I had issues finding the exact eye-blinding fuchsia color you see in the example above, so I decided to go with plum and lilac instead. In the room, I added a yellow diamond upholstered bed frame,  huge purple lamps, and the same turquoise chair I used in the first room example. Combined, all the colors bring depth to the room without looking chaotic or overwhelming. I also used white (see pictures and nightstand tables) to bring bright, clean element to the room but you can also use black if you're into a mature, classy look.

Out of all the rooms, I had the most fun decorating the last one because it forced me to design outside my comfort zone but ultimately the first design was my favorite! What about you, which room was your favorite? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Which style do you like?
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