Guest Bathroom Makeover pt.2 | DIY Marble Counter

Friday, October 26

Remember how I was soooo excited to update my guest bathroom floors last week? Well, it turns out life had different plans for me this week. Instead of updating my floors I ended up renovating the counters. I made this little change because the floors I picked looked awful in person. Soo.. instead of not posting, I decided to scrap my original idea and renovated something else while I search for better floors. If you have any suggestions for removable/renter friendly floors, tell me in the comment section below!

Psst. If you feel a little left out, check out the first part to this post: GUEST BATHROOM MAKEOVER PT.1 | MY PLANS FOR SPACE.


Before the DIY, I got all my supplies and prepped the area. To prep the area I cleaned the counters with bleach water and a scrub brush. Doing this removed any stains so they wouldn't show through the faux marble paper. After I cleaned the counters and let them dry, I got all the supplies I needed for the DIY

- Hairdryer 
- Last but not least... PATIENCE.


I'm going to be honest, laying the contact paper down took a while to get used to but after I discovered this little hack, it was a breeze. The trick is to ignore the edges and border and only focus on the flat part of the counter first. After you do that and cut around the sink you can continue to do the detail work like the edges and border. Doing this allowed me to lift the paper, adjust it, or remove any trapped bubbles.

PRO TIP: Before this project, I did a little research and noticed how a lot of people said using a blow dryer would make the project easier. The blow dryer did help, but a lot of people forgot to mention how the blow dryer is only useful when you need to stretch the paper (i.e. for an edge or to wrap around a corner.) If you use it for a flat surface it'll actually mess up the paper, causing it to shrink instead of stretch.


I think the finished project looked great for a $7 counter update, but what do you guys think? The whole project took an hour and a half to complete and I liked how easy it was to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles because the paper was extremely thick and forgiving. Overall, I highly suggest giving this project a try if you want to save money on updating your counters, live in a rental, or all the above.

What should I work on next, the floors, the wall art or the shower?
 >>> share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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