Guest Bathroom Makeover pt.1 | My Plans for the Space

Thursday, October 18

Living in a rental house is interesting. Somedays you feel like you own your home and some days, like when you want to change something, you realize you don't. Earlier this year Daniel and I rented our first house in the suburbs of Atlanta. Although we love our house, it still doesn't feel like a home because we haven't made any renovations to make it completely ours.

To make our house feel homier I've been on a decorating kick. Each month I've decided to go room by room, decorating and completely transforming the space. The first room I'm working on is my small guest bathroom (also known as the powder room.) This room is practically begging for help so I decided to tackle it first.


As you can tell from the horrendous photos, I have my work cut out for me! Although I plan on changing a lot of things, some things I cannot change. A few things I can't change is the shower tiles, the sink, the paint color, and the toilet. Everything else will be updated to a polished clean look.

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I'm super excited to get started on this space! I stayed up all night thinking of ways to update the bathroom and came up with this idea. Instead of having a dull, dark bathroom I want to update it into a luxurious spa-like experience. To do this, I'm changing the floor and cabinets into a crisp white color, adding a marble table to sit next to the toilet, putting in a classy black and white print to replace the ugly pink picture, framing the mirror, and putting in a new set of linen shower curtains.

Since I'm funding everything myself I decided to break this project into parts. Doing this will allow me to gradually purchase all the items and update you guys along the way!

Tune in next week to see how to update ugly floors without ruining the original linoleum!

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