Easy DIY Lilly Pulitzer Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 10

Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fall decor? If you said anything other than pumpkins you should pat yourself on the back because you're a unique individual.  If you said pumpkins, congratulations, you're basic (like the rest of us!) and today's your lucky day. For today's post, I'm sharing four innovative ways to transform boring fall pumpkins into colorful, preppy, Lilly Pulitzer inspired pumpkins. Each way requires no carving so you don't have to worry about accidentally stabbing yourself with a knife.

Paper + Napkin DIY Lilly Pulitzer Pumpkins - Skill Level: Beginner

The first DIY is an easy one. All you need is mod podge, napkins, acrylic paint, and a pumpkin. I love this colorful pumpkin DIY because it's easy to follow and it requires absolutely no artistic skills to recreate (score!) Check out Chloe's blog over at PopCosmo to read the full napkin tutorial and Gracie's blog to DIY the paper version.

Painted Monogramm Pumpkins - Skill Level: Intermediate

If you want to add some sparkle to your entryway check out the Unoriginal Mom's blog post to learn how to recreate this glittery monogrammed pumpkin. If you prefer simplistic a monogrammed pumpkin check out Martha Stewart's blog post to recreate this preppy pink pumpkin.

DIY Iconic Lilly Pulitzer Pumpkins - Skill Level: Advanced

Last but not least, my favorite DIY on the list! This pumpkin DIY requires a lot of skill but the final result looks amazing! Check out craftberrybush's blog to learn how to paint one of Lilly's iconic prints on your pumpkin.

Which pumpkin was your favorite? I would love to know in the comment section below! Also, don't forget to save this post on Pinterest if you enjoyed it!

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