My Top Picks From the Classy Clutter Collection

Friday, October 5

Today I'm sharing my top picks from Classy Clutter's latest home decor and furniture collection. I'm so excited about this collection because they have fun items for everyone! Below I listed 7 incredible items you need to add to your home ASAP!

- Meet The Classy Clutter Girls -

Classy Clutter was created by two best friends in the summer of 2010. Mallory and Savannah both grew up in Mesa, Arizona and have known each other since high school. Fast forward 8 years later and they now have a beautiful signature collection and over 160k followers on instagram. To learn more about Mallory and Savannah's journey check out their blog over at

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The first items on the list are the Classy Clutter Collection pillow covers. All of their pillow covers feature classy prints and bold colors. If you want to add a fun pop of color to your home I highly suggest adding one (or three!) pillow covers to your shopping cart. I love their online shop because you have the option to purchase the pillow covers individually or as a set.


For this section, I picked out two items. The first one is a lovely tea towel set and the second is a convenient label set. I'm a huge advocate for organizing so the pantry labels naturally caught my eye.


If you're looking for something to splurge on, I highly suggest checking out their furniture section. All of their furniture pieces are handcrafted, made in the USA, and custom. My favorite piece from the furniture section is the Slayed the Day ottoman because it comes in their signature "Classy Clutter Pink", navy, and gray!

Hope you enjoyed my top picks from the Classy Clutter Signature Collection. Which items are you planning on adding to your home? I would love to know in the comment section below!

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