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Monday, October 1

I'm excited to announce a new series called Color Codes! This series was created to combine my love for color coding and decorating together! In each post, I take a HEX Color code and show you how to style it monocratically,  combined with neutrals, featured as fun a pop of color, and decorated with complementary colors.

Why is this series called Color Codes?

If you're a blogger I'm sure you know all blogs, websites, and apps are powered by a digital language called HTML/CSS code. As I'm a self-taught graphic designer I'm required to read codes on a daily bases to create unique websites for my clients. I'm constantly using color codes for websites, creating monochromatic outfits,  designing color pallets, or decorating rooms because they help me teach color theory (on a basic level) a 1000x's faster.

Why did I create this series?

I created this series because I had moments when I didn't know how to incorporate a color into a room I was decorating or an outfit I wanted to wear. I loved the color but I didn't know whether it would match with a warm, cool, or neutral color. After a little trial and error, I created a flawless formula to always know what colors look amazing together.

When will the series start?

The first post goes live tomorrow, 10/2/18! Each post is a fun, easy to follow guide showing you how to incorporate different colors into your space. I'm so excited and looking forward to publishing the first post tomorrow, see you there!

Can you guess the first color we're going to feature?
>>> Tell me your guess in the comment section below!

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