July 2016 Favorites

Wednesday, August 10

July was an interesting month because I spent most days purging my closet instead of expanding it. Currently, I have three huge boxes full of super cute items that I'm desperately trying to get rid of so if you're in the mood to shop check out my Poshmark Closet after reading this post. But that being said let's get started with my favorites from last month!


I only have one beauty item for this month's favorites and it's a hair oil from Beauty Protector. This item is amazing because it smells like paradise and does wonders for my hair. It might look like your average hair oil but trust me it's not. It's different because it doesn't lock out moisture. Locking out moisture is a huge no-no for anyone with natural hair because it creates frizzy unmanageable hair, and no one wants that.


For the past few months, I tried extremely hard to get rid of items I no longer wore. After donating 30% of my clothes and putting 50% on sale I decided to treat myself with essential pieces to accurately reflect my personal style. Don't worry, I didn't go crazy, but I did pick up some items I absolutely adore. The first item was a nude off the shoulder bodycon from Missguided (exact item $12). I love this dress because it hugs the right curves and the perfect nude for my skin tone. Along with my bodycon dress, I also purchased a beautiful J.Crew silk scarf  (similar on sale $49) and a coral Lilly Pulitzer cardigan (similar $79). Both items are fashionable and perfect for those awkward "in between" summer/fall days.


♥ MOMENTS: During the summer months my family and I try to help our friends by babysitting their kids for a week. Each year we babysit about 2-4 kids but this year was different because we had 7 kids. Yup, you read that sentence correctly, SEVEN energetic kids! Although it was exhausting (and I still hear ringing in my ears from all screaming), I had a good time babysitting because they reminded me how I love taking care of children.

♥ FOOD: Last month I couldn't stop eating fruit. I constantly consumed frozen mangos, blueberries, and banana ice cream as a late night treat.

♥ SONG: All in My Head (Flex) by 5th Harmony. Had this song on repeat.

♥ POST: July was a very exciting month for the blog because I had the pleasure of partnering with Bed Bath & Beyond. In the post, I created 7 different ways to save on dorm decor and it's currently the most popular post! Click HERE if you haven't checked it out yet.

xoxo B.Stylish

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What was your favorite July moment?

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