Beautiful Bags | Kate Spade Lust List pt.1

Monday, July 4

I don't talk much about my obsession with Kate Spade but trust me, there's no turning back from it. Since I adore this brand so much I've decided to create 5 Lust List post featuring only Kate Spade New York item. The series will have three parts but the first part, aka this part, is all about their gorgeous handbags!

P.S. I just checked their website and there's a HUGE sale going on right now! 

kate spade | lust list pt 2

bags from top to bottom: 123456

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment telling me what type of bags you like and keep a lookout for the next Kate Spade post because we're going to chit chat about some stylish stationery!

xx B.Stylish 
THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, I just love me some Kate Spade *cue hair flip emoji*

Which bag is your favorite?

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