7 Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

Friday, July 22

Decorating on a budget can be difficult but with these super easy tips, you can start the school year with the best dorm on your floor! Continue reading to learn tips on how to create the perfect dorm room and see the items I picked for this fun partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond.

#1. Decorate Your Bed with Nice Pillows
This first tip might seem like a no-brainer but so many people forget the importance of amazing bedding. Remember, most dorms have boring white walls so if your pillows are also white the room will look uninteresting and flat. To create the perfect pillow arrangement try to have an odd number of pillows and feature 1 to 2 pillows with pretty patterns. For this room, I decided to display this one as the main focal point because it has a gorgeous gold floral print.

#2 Create Cute Quotes Instead of Buying Expensive Wall Art 
Buying wall art can be expensive so instead of breaking the bank try printing your own wall decor from amazing online quotes. Some of my favorite quotes to use are inspiring ones because they help me start the day on a positive note, but you can also use funny/unique ones to help add some personality to your dorm.

#3 Organize Your Closet
Okay, so I know you might be a little confused with this one but trust me, a clean closet makes a HUGE difference in your room. One of the best ways to organize your closet is to color code it and use a hanging shoe organizer to keep things off the ground. Using this will optimize the living space in your dorm so you'll actually have room to add the things you like.

#4 Create a Floral Arrangement
Plants instantly brighten a room and since dorms usually don't windows I suggest adding a beautiful floral arrangement to give your room life. In this room, I used fake flowers and a bold lamp (because I can't keep a plant living longer than a day, haha), but ideally, you'll want to use real flowers.

#5 Pick a Theme for Your Room
Picking a theme for your room can be a fun way to add some personality to your room but just remember to keep most of your room (i.e wall decorations) very simple. This will prevent your small living space from getting overwhelmed by the theme's prints/logos. For this specific space, I created a Kate Spade inspired room by adding colorful items (like this cute mug and calendar!) to help focus on their infamous "live colorfully" motto.

Side note: If you have a roommate I highly suggest talking to them about wanting to do a room theme before you move in. It might sound weird, but I promise it makes a huge difference when you have a coherent theme in your room instead of trying to have two different rooms in one space.

#6 Use Storage Bins to Organize and Add a Personal Touch
Cube shelves are extremely useful to use when you're living in a dorm because they're not heavy (which means their easy to haul up the huge flight of stairs on moving day) and you can store a bunch of stuff in them without anyone knowing. Need a place to store bras? Put them in a cube shelf. Need somewhere to hide the good snacks from your roommate? Use a cube shelf! Need a place to put those pesky unmatched socks?? Yup, you guessed it. CUBE SHELF!

Side note: On their site, they have different sizes of fabric cubes so knowing the shelf measurements before shopping will save you a ton of time. The shelf I have is 11 inches I bought cubes that were 10 inches.

#7 Use a Tray or Decorative Dish to Display Jewelry 
The key to this tip is to only feature a few items. Adding too many items it can make your room look cluttered and trust me, a cluttered room is never cute! Personally, I use the "five items or less" rule, but if the items are small, like rings, you can get away with seven.

BONUS TIP: Stick to Your Budget!
Sometimes sticking to a budget is hard but there's plenty of ways to save when you're shopping trying not to break the bank. One of the ways I like to save is by signing up for the store's email alerts to receive discounts and be the first one to know about amazing deals. Currently, Bath Bed and Beyond is giving 20% off one item to people who are new email subscribers so I highly suggest trying this to help stay within your unique budget. Also, try using their Student Life Checklist to know what you need for college and learn creative tips for maximizing your small living space.

Hope these tips will help you prepare for the next big step in your life. If you enjoyed this post be sure to share it with all your friends and check out Bath Bed & Beyond's Shop for College section on their site!

- Dylan & Berry

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