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Wednesday, July 20

It's officially the last week of Caner season, and you know what that means?? A new Style by the Stars post! If you've followed me for a while I'm sure you already know about these type of post, but if you're new to the blog here's what it's all about. In these post I break down the key facts about a specific astrology sign. This includes talking down fashion tips and sharing advice about the sign's personality. This week we're talking about the caring Cancer so continue reading to learn about this loyal sign!
Out of all the signs, I would have to say I'm most excited to write about the Cancer astrological sign because not only are they amazing people but I also know a lot in my personal life. My sister, friend, and someone I use to talk to are all Cancers.

cancer traits

cancer personality traits


I went through a bit of trouble when I was looking for famous women born under the people born under this sign who but 8 of the most popular ones include Lana Del Rey (She's born on a Cancer/Gemini cusp), Lindsay Lohan, Khloe Kardashian, Lauren Elizabeth (Youtube Star), Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Lauren Jauregui, and last but not least, Kristen Bell. All of these ladies are not only gorgeous but they also overcame a lot of emotional setbacks/challenges, i.e. Selena with her depression and Khloe with her emotional divorce just to name a few.


People born under the Cancer astrological sign are known for their loyalty, caring nature and natural parenting skills but some of their negative traits include: being moody, clingy, and pessimistic. Although I'm not a Cancer (I'm a Gemini aka the sign before cancer) I have noticed most Cancers who aren't mature to tend to take criticism a little more personal. Their outer shell seems strong but on the inside they're caring/soft, just like a crab. Because of this specific personality trait, they tend to prefer taking care of everyone in their friend group whether that's feeding everyone with a homecooked meal, making sure everyone arrives home safely or just listening to a friend who needs comforting. They're honestly one of the best signs to be friends with but never abuse their kindness because the claws will start snapping if you prove to be disloyal.

cancer style | bodysuit trend
laced items

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Since the body part for the Cancer astrological sign is the chest/breast I decided to feature some bodysuits and lace pieces to highlight their best feature. Above you can see how I picked out some pieces that are not only affordable but cute! My favorite item from the set is the green bodysuit from TOPSHOP because perfect for a date or night out with the girls. In the set above that one (the first set), I went into detail about bodysuits and highlighted specific details about each suit. If you're on the hunt for the perfect bodysuit I highly suggest checking out ASOS and Missguided because they have so many sizes, colors, and styles.

Hope you enjoyed learning about Cancers and remember, this post is just for fun! You can wear anything to express your unique personality but studies have shown that this is what the majority of cancer women like. Simple with a splash of sexy. To see more cute items at a low price check out StyleWe and

EDITED NOTE: there's a lot of information about each sign so if I included everything in this post it would be extremely long. I also would like to point out that every Cancer is different because every person on earth has a unique chart.  If you want to learn more about your specific personality traits I highly suggest getting charted because it helps to know about all the planets. For an example, I'm born under the Gemini Sun sign but my Mercury and Venus are in Cancer.

xoxo B.Stylish
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