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Monday, May 9

What makes you subscribe to a new YouTube channel? Is it the YouTuber's amazing personally, savvy editing skills, or the advice they provide in videos? If someone asked me this question I'd answer: it's a mix of everything, which would explain why I love watching so many channels! By the way to prevent this list from being a mile long I decided to list five channels for each category. I enjoy over 200 channels but I didn't want to overwhelm you, lol. ♥

        B E A U T Y +  L I F E S T Y L E  C H A N N E L S       

1//Aspyn OvardHer editing is on point and she constantly uploads fun room decor DIYs
2//Patricia BrightIf you're looking for an amazing British beauty vlogger she's one of the best!
3//ShaaanxoI've watched her videos for years because she has an amazing personality (plus sh has an adorable Aussie accent)
4//Allison AndersonI love her videos because she does monthly favorites and high-end beauty reviews
5//Ingrid Nilsen: I've followed Ingrid for awhile now but I discovered her back in 2010 and loved her ever since

       V L O G   C H A N N E L S        

6//Jamie and NikkiThis lovely couple has always been entertaining but right now I love watching their channel they're expecting their first child!
7//Charles GrossHe's pretty new to the YouTube scene but I love his posh personality and candid opinion
8//ShaneHe's one of the first people I subscribed to because of his crude humor and sarcastic jokes. If you haven't heard of him you've been living under a rock
9//Aspyn + Parker: I enjoy watching this channel because they're newlyweds and it's funny to see them try to figure out their new lives as young adults
10//Saphira HowellI love how real she is. It feels like I'm chatting with an old friend whenever I watch her videos
12//MarissaLaceIf you're feeling down or unmotivated her videos are the perfect pick-me-up because she's positive about life and keeps it real
LET'S CHAT: what's your fave channel?

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