February Favorites 2016

Wednesday, March 9
Let's give a round of applause for reaching the extreme level of procrastination his month. Even though I had an extra day in February (this year was a leap year) I still managed to get not publish this on time, haha. But with all seriousness nothing eventful happened last month so I didn't know what to update you guys on. I only a few outings with friends, went on a few dates and splurged during a few small shopping trips. But that being said I still managed to round up some favorites for the month, so let's get started!

M U S I C : I forgot what song I had on repeat but lately I've been into Ellie Goulding. Her song Don't Need Nobody is so addicting! Every time the song comes on I instantly start singing.

P L A C E : Mid February I went on a brunch date with a friend and we went to this cute little diner downtown called Landmark Diner. I loved the laid back atmosphere plus the food was really good.

F A S H I O N : The weather in Feb was crazy, some days it was bright spring weather while others were cold and harsh. On the spring-like days I wore my favorite skirt, dress, and white eyelet Keds. If you're interested in some cute spring items I linked some similar pieces below.

B E A U T Y : The only step I changed in my beauty routine was adding mascara primer to my lashes before I applied my mascara. Although this might seem minor change it made a huge difference to my lash length!

Hope you guys enjoyed last months favorites. Be on the look out for some new favorites next month!

xx B.Stylish

L E T ' S  C H A T: how was your feb?

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