Huge Update + The Spring Giveaway Winner

Wednesday, March 23

Notice anything different?? Yup, the blog got a HUGE makeover!! I loved the old theme but the pink colors were a little intense so I decided to change the blog to a blue theme. Blue gives a refreshing vibe and I thought it's perfect for spring!

 Along with the blog makeover, I also sat down and thought of new some concepts for my old post. All of the concepts are fun because it involves my favorite people, you guys! I'll talk more about the updates I'm making in each specific post, but I've been working on everything for a month and put my whole heart into it so I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Giveaway Update: Last month was the ending of my first giveaway for the year and today I'm officially announcing the winner! I had a few issues with contacting the previous winners so I had to find a new one, but the new official winner is Natalie C.!!! Congrats girly!

Didn't win? Don't be sad, a new giveaway will begin in May so be on the lookout for that. The theme for that is summer so make sure you're following @ItsBerryStylish on Instagram/Twitter.

xoxo B.Stylish

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