January 2016 Favorites

Tuesday, February 16

I feel like January was forever ago but I wanted to write a quick favorites post to catch you guys up! Life has gotten better since my last favorites post. And sure, some days have been a challenge but I've learned that a challenge is a good thing because it forces you to let go, grow, and learn. But anywho, let's get started with my favorites for this month!

BEAUTY: Last month I loved The Body Shop products because I found whenever I'm super stressed I breakout like crazy and I was super stressed in January. Nothing seemed to help with the breakouts except for the Tea Tree Oil skincare line so that's why it's the only products I included in this section, plus its freaking awesome. Well except for the smell which is a little strong.. but besides that it's amazing. <3

FASHION: Okay, don't kill me, but I practically wore leggings the entire month of January! I wore them so much because they're comfortable and really easy to style if you're having a lazy day month. The specific leggings I was obsessed with were from Victorias Secret but I decided to include some different leggings that are just as fashionable. 

Pro Tip: Style leggings with a long t-shirt (to cover your butt), heeled boots, and a biker jacket to look like an instant fashionista with half the effort.  

Music: Roses by The Chainsmokers
Food: Authentic Ramen. I say REAL Ramen because most people automatically picture the cheep stuff you buy for 25 cents whenever I mention Ramen, if you've never tried it I highly suggest giving it a taste!
Moment: Getting a light dusting of snow/ spending time with family

Well that's all for my January favorites! Hope you all are having an amazing February <3

xoxo B.Stylish

L E T ' S  C H A T: How was your January?

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