POPSUGAR Must-Have Box | September 2015

Tuesday, October 13
In the past I reviewed a few POPSUGAR boxes and had always loved receiving them but this time is a little different because I decided to subscribe to the box service myself.

The subscription price is $39.99 but trust me this box is worth every penny because the items that are included is always worth more than the box! Also, the September box came with a Too Faced eyebrow kit which retails as the same price as the box so it's basically like I bought a brow kit and got a ton of other stuff for free.

I only knew two things about the September box: the fact that they included a brow kit and that the theme was traveling. I was excited when the box arrived because I knew I would love at least one item but the other items we're also pleasant surprises to receive.

The first item was a little $10 off coupon to give to my "friends", I honestly don't plan on using this because all my "real life" friends don't like monthly boxes. The second item was the gorgeous eyebrow kit, (aka the one by Too Faced Cosmetics and the main reason why I got this box in the first place). The third was a leave in spray (for all hair types). There was a few more items but those will be listed below.

Out of all the items my favorite items was the eye brow kit (OBVIOUSLY, haha I talked about it at least 1,000,000 times!), but my second favorite was the XO earrings because the packagine was really cute and I'm a sucker for gold jewelry.  ;)

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