3 Ways to Find Your Signature Scent

Thursday, May 28

Finding a signature fragrance can be hard with so many scents out there, but today I have 3 simple ways to find the right perfume to fit your unique personality!

1. Find out what scent you naturally gravitate towards. Are you into floral or woodsy scents?
This one might seem like a no-brainier but sometimes when we're shopping for scents we tend to forget what type of family the scent belongs to. Most of the time we sniff it, buy it, then take it home. But if you do this you might get confused on what you like or buy a ton of fragrances that smell exactly a like. Don't worry if you do this, because I'm so guilty for doing this!

Pro Tip: My favorite fragrances include fresh and floral notes. If you're looking for place to see all the scents on a organized chat click this fragrance wheel link.

2. Buy samples/roller balls of your favorite fragrance
Perfume can be crazy expensive so instead of breaking the bank try asking for or buying the sample size first. I like to do this because I know if I empty the sample in less than a month I ABSOLUTELY enjoy the fragrance.

Pro Tip: To find inexpensive perfume samples/roller balls try searching on sites like eBay, Sephora, or BirchBox.

3. Mix and Match
A signature scent is all about being unique so try layering different scents. You can do this by buying a body lotion that's similar to your perfume, just remember to not over do it (a little goes a long way!) Below I have a few of my top pics from each fragrance family. :)

               F L O R A L                

         F R U I T Y  &  F R E S H           

               W A R M  & W O O D Y               

Hope these tips help you on your journey to find your signature fragrance, and remember... 

L E T ' S  C H A T: what's favorite fragrance?

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