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Monday, January 12

Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Kardashian? Wait, let me rephrase that: what's the first POSITIVE thing that comes to mind you see the word Kardashian? Honestly, the first thing I think of is how jealous I am of their enormous derrières (that's positive, right? haha :p). The second thing that comes to mind is their insane sense of style. So today we're going to focus one the most fashion forward "Kardashians", Kendall Jenner

Now, I'm sure everyone is familiar with Kendall's upbringing because her whereabouts are publicly displayed every Sunday night on E!. But what people often forget is her incredible style sense and how she worked her butt off (no pun intended) to model for iconic brands like Chanel or appear in numerous of Vogue fashion spreads.

Photography byDavid Sims Styled byCamilla Nickerson Photo Credit: +Vogue Jan 2015 

          KENDALL JENNER          

Casually Chic 

Kendall is know for her simplistic fashion sense, so naturally I decided to keep it simple and only feature two casually chic outfits. The first look features a unique Frayed Denim tee from Opening Ceremony, $98. This top is perfect for anyone who wants to add some texture to their outfit and goes perfectly with her Jane Leather Ankle Strap Sandals (in white) by Saint Laurent , $795, and classic black Céline Nano bag. I like this look because it has a preppy vibe to it without looking to "made up".

The second outfit is slightly more casual but has a unexpected detail that spices up the look. At first I didn't want to add this outfit to my Looks to Love list because I didn't love this look but after paying attention at the entire outfit I fell in love with the shirt. Why? Well because there's a unexpected sexy cut-out in the back. It's like a mullet in shirt form, business in the front, party in the back! Also, this shirt dresses up her Saint Laurent Blake suede ankle boots (guess she has a thing for Saint Laurent ;), $995.

[Other pieces in this outfit includes her Givenchy Lucrezia bag, $2,453, Balenciaga Leather leggings, $1,845, and Ray-Ban sunnies, $160.]

 Photo Credit: GotCeleb.com Edited by: +Sierra Calah 
Now I know most of us aren't balling like Kendall,  so below I include budget friendly pieces that were inspired by her wonderful fashion sense.

So.. those are my top picks, but what about yours? Which Kendall Jenner look do you love? Oh, and before you go I just wanted to thank everyone for taking their time to read this post. I didn't realize how much I missed creating these types of post until I started writing them again! :)

Let's Chat! Which outfit do you prefer, casual or chic? 

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