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Monday, January 5

Isn't it weird how new beginnings energize us and forces us to realize that there's so many new possibilities. Sure, everyday we have exciting opportunities but there's something about New Years that energizes everyone and encourages them to try something new. So to kick off the first Monday of 2015 I decided to try something different and create a structured schedule for my blog. You see, when I first started my blog I would post three times a week, and the topic of the day was just as random as the days they were posted. Sometimes the post would go up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while other times it would go up Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. That not only confused you guys, but it also confused me, and do you know what confusion creates? Yup, Writers block. Some times I had it so bad that I went months without posting and that's unacceptable!

Sure, 2014 was crazy year for Berry Stylish, but during those 12 months I learned SO much from you guys. I've learned what you like to read and what you don't like to read and that helped me to find out what type of content I needed to create. Because when you're happy it encourages me to continue making new content which ultimately banishes writers block. So... That being said.. I'm happy to announce that I'm going to do more Beauty Reviews, Looks to Love, Berry Healthy, and Style with the Stars post since you guys love reading them and I love writing them! Also, I also decided to doing as many brand deals.

Along with recovering the old post topics I decided to relaunch my YouTube channel! Ah, just saying that gives me a exciting and nervous feeling in my stomach, but YouTube has always been my first love and although I LOVE blogging, I think it'll be nice to finish what I started. But enough with the past stuff, hehe, it's 2015 and I officially have a schedule.

Sunday: Social Sunday
Monday: YouTube Video
Tuesday: Beauty Related Post
Wednesday:  Fashion Related Post
Thursday: Lifestyle Post
Friday: YouTube
Saturday: Weekend Wrap Up (links and recap of the week)

Style with the Stars
Looks to Love
The Latest Issue
Holiday Related Video

Every Monday & Friday

Hope you guys are excited about this new schedule! For the past few weeks I've been filming, writing, and editing LOADS of fun/fresh content and I can't wait to show you guys! By the way, The official blog schedule starts month. See you then!
Let's Chat! How do you stay organized? :) 

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  1. Great schedule! Good luck with it.


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