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Monday, December 1
G Bridal
They say you can't wear white after Labor Day, but in my opinion that's the best time to wear it! Why? Well, simply because it compliments every skin tone and it's the perfect color to wear during a festive holiday party. And that's the exact reason why I decided to create a simple set featuring two  white dresses from a online store called G Bridal.

More Info About G Bridal      
G Bridal is a online store that's similar to Asos, but instead of casual attire they have thousands of special occasional dresses such as bridal gowns, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, cocktail dresses, and yes, holiday dresses! With so many items to chose from you'll find the perfect item at a reasonable price.


The first item I picked out is a clean A-line dress that's suitable for any occasion because of it's modest keyhole cut out. Personally, I love this dress because it's the perfect example of how there's beauty in simplicity. The second item is a Sweetheart Lace dress that's packed with glamours details. I picked out this little number to show how you can wear a dress with a little sparkle without having to look like a walking, talking, disco ball, hehe.

So, these are my picks, but how about you? What are you planning on wearing to your holiday parties? :)

Let's Chat: What's your go-to holiday party dress? :)

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  1. Both dresses are so cute! Great finds!
    Great job


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