Facing My Fear of Falsies | ESQIDO Voila Lash Review

Friday, December 5

Have you ever tried falsies? No? Well... You're not alone because neither have I. But if you answered yes, then I'm pretty sure you remember the first time you tried them and how intimidating it was. Because let's face it, trying things first time can be pretty intimidating. Especially when the item involves putting glue within a close proximity of your eyeballs. And if you're like me, you were probably told to never, EVER put glue near your eyes or they would be shut closed for lifeee! Or at least that's what my crazy preschool teacher told me, haha. But ever since I heard this false information I developed a irrational fear of getting glue in my eyes which caused me to avoid falsies all together! It didn't matter if they were dramatic lashes or the natural ones, I always stayed clear of the eyelash isle.

But this all changed when I was contacted by ESQIDO to review their Volia Lash. And yes, first I was a little intimidated (because of the whole glue ordeal), but after giving it some thought I decided to face my fear of falsies and give these a go.

This style is specially designed for ladies who lust after a full and voluminous look. The luscious strands gradate outwards in length, with an additional layer of criss-crossed fur throughout the entire soft cotton band. Steal the show with this absolutely irresistible pair of mink lashes.
  • Volume:     
  • Length: 8 - 13mm
  • Band: Handcrafted cotton band
  • Wear Period: Up to 25 times
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$49.99 $42.00

First, let's talk about what instantly caught my eye. The gorgeous packaging. You see, most eyelashes come in a standard plastic case but the ESQIDO mink eyelashes are different because they're packaged in a beautiful rose gold and white (faux) reptilian case. It's something that's perfect to display on my vanity and whenever someone see it they always mention how pretty it is.

Quality of the Product       
Esqido is known for their high quality eyelashes so when I was contacted by them I had high expectations, and fortunately they didn't disappoint.

 You see, I received the Voila Lash, which are specially designed for anyone who's looking for a full and voluminous look, and boy did my sparse little eyelashes need them! I didn't realize how short my lashes were but as you can see from the before and after pictures the Voila Lash instantly gave my eyes the extra wow factor they were begging for.
I love how in the after picture you can see how long, thick,  and the best part; natural looking my eyelashes are.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is the overall quality of these lashes. They're super soft, never shed, and you can use them up to 25 times. That's a huge difference compared to the estimated 4 times average eyelashes last.

Now, if you know me anything dealing with make up and eyes tend to freak me out. I think it's because I usually have to try a billion times before I can get it right (for example my attempt to wear colored contacts for the first time, haha, now that was a hilarious event to document!!) But thankfully I applied these perfectly the first time. Don't ask how I managed to do this because honestly, I'm also a little shocked. But I'm not going to take full credit because I believe it was a easy application because the eyelashes came with a step-by-step guide on how to properly apply them. Aka, a fool-proof guide for newbies like myself.

Overall experience        
I rated this product 4/5 because of the outstanding quality and flawless packaging. On the other hand, I didn't rate it a 5/5 because the Voila Lash is for people who are looking for a bold lash look. I tend to wear minimum makeup so I don't fit into this particular category, but this is just my personal preference. And don't worry! I'm still going to wear the lashes very often because they look amazing in photos and seem perfect for special occasions (such as holiday parties). Remember, this is my personal pref, but now that I'm thinking about it, I do like the way the Little Black Lash looks. Hmm.. Maybe I'll buy those and wear them for everyday use. Who knows?!

So, in conclusion, whether you're the type of girl who likes minimum makeup or prefer a dramatic look you'll be able to find the ESQIDO Lashes that's perfect for you. All you have to do is decide what type of makeup look you're going for and lash style you want to buy!

Psst: Before you go, Esqido recently launched their official Holiday Lash Guide. This guide is perfect for newbies to find the perfect lashes! Plus they are also having their biggest promotion of the year; 20% off plus a 12-days giveaway to win lashes which both will end on the December 12th. o be sure to check that out before its to late. You can visit their site by clicking here.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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  1. These lashes are gorgeous!! I love wearing lashes but still have a nightmare applying x


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