One Kings Lane | Light Up Your Look

Monday, November 24
One Kings Lane | Light Up Your Look

What's your favorite part about decorating a new space? Is it picking out the perfect colors or finding the right furniture to match the mood of your room? Personally, I enjoy finding the perfect lighting. Granted, most people over look this little detail, but a chandelier can make a room girly, edgy or even modern! It's sort of like how a necklace can pull together your whole look. So, today I decided to partner up with One Kings Lane to show you my favorite furniture and vintage jewelry pieces for their Light Up Your Look campaign.

ONE KINGS LANE | Light Up Your Look

Brightening Up Your Room     

 First, let's focus on the item that pulls everything together, the gorgeous Sausa 5-Light Pendant. This light is perfect for any room but I decided to try something a little bit different and match it with some bright furniture pieces, such as: the Lola Cotton Wingback Bed, the Daiamond Ikat Pillow and Pastel Cotton-Blend pillow. Why? Well because it's unexpected and since the bed is neither modern nor rustic I thought this would go perfectly with the look. But what do you think, do you like it? :)

Lightening Up Your Fashion Look       

As for the vintage accessories, I decided to pick out some fun pieces and stick with the cohesively colorful theme. The first item is Hexagonal Lucite bib necklace. I wanted to include this necklace because I thought it would add a fun pop of color to any outfit. Next, we have my favorite item, a vintage Lilly Pulitzer Bangle Bracelet. Why is this item my favorite out of all of them? Well, because I'm a little obsessed with Lilly P. at the moment, so when I saw her vintage items on the One Kings Lane website I had to add it to this set!  Plus it goes perfectly with the last item, a set of 18K Gold Caged Earrings. I love how detailed these earrings are, plus the aqua color will brighten any boring outfit.

So, these are my picks, but what about yours? What items were your favorite in this set? I would love to read about them in the comment section below!

Let's Chat: Which item was your favorite?

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  1. I love the cushions! The bed was also quite amazing!
    Nice post


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