Autumn Layered Style

Wednesday, November 12
Coffee & Cream
What's your favorite thing about fall? Is it the orange hued leaves and cool weather, or the warm lattes with pumpkin spice? I enjoy all of that, but my favorite thing fall is how you can instantly update your wardrobe. How? By layering! Adding layers to an outfit will not only keep you warm, but will also transform an old item  into something new. And today I decided to team up with ModCloth to show you how you can simply add a cardigan and sweater to create a whole new look!

Whenever I think about the colder months I'm instantly reminded of warm candles, soft sweaters, and hot lattes, so naturally I was inspired by those key eliminates to create this outfit. The first item is a blush colored A-line dress because it compliments every skin tone and looks amazing on all body types. For the second layer I added a cream colored sweater to that's extremely soft and cozy. And for the last layer I picked out a Coffee Contemplation Cardigan to pull everything together!

ModCloth Casual Coffee Date Outfit

Isn't it cool how you can transform a summer dress into something appropriate for Autumn weather? I had a blast creating this outfit, but what about you, how do you like to layer your clothing during the fall time? Do you have a certain technique, or do you simply pile on the clothes and it instantly looks amazing? I would love to read about your favorite ways to layer in the comment section below!

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Let's Chat: What's your favorite items wear during fall?

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