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Tuesday, November 11

One of my favorite places to shop for new clothes is online at stores like RoseGal.com. So when one of their PR's asked me to create my dream wishlist I happily accepted. Haha, and truth be told, I was sort of already prepared for this post because I already had a ton of bookmarks saved on my computer from their site and was stalking them on Facebook!

Untitled #89

For the first category I picked out two warm coats for those Fall nights that feel like it's winter time. I live in Georgia so it's still pretty warm during the day but once the sun goes down the temperature instantly drops! So I picked these out so I wont turn into a human Popsicle. :)

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I had a hard time decided which crewnecks and sweaters I wanted to feature because they had so many cute ones, but after narrowing it down I decided to go with a high-low laced one, and two leather detailed ones. Both styles are currently trending this season and they look super comfy.

Untitled #92


Now for the fun section, skirts! With the holiday season right around the corner I wanted to pick out some skirts that could be warn to a special party/event. The first one is a fun and floral number, while the other two have more of a structured vibe to them.

Which one is your favorite? Mines would have to be the laced one because I think it would look perfect with black leggings :)
Untitled #93

Untitled #90


Can you guess the color I wanted to feature in section? Yup, gold. I don't know why, but lately I've been addicted to this color and it doesn't matter if it's rose gold or your typical gold. I've been obsessed.

Hope you enjoyed my fall wishlist and found some items to add to yours! If you plan on indulging in some online shopping remember to use the coupon code May49rose to get 8% percent off your purchase. Have fun shopping and I hope you have an amazing weekend! :)

Let's Chat: What's your favorite Autumn attire?

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