What's in My Small Purse?

Tuesday, September 23

They say you get to know a woman by the items a she carries in her purse. If she has a book she's maybe a book worm, if she brings a lot of pens she might like to write, and if she has a stash of receipts you might have a shopaholic on your hands. But today we are going to dig into my bag and talk about the items I bring in my have in my small purse.

  1. Extra cash | I usually ride the bus, so that's why I always change with me.
  2. Bobbie Pins and hair ties | There's always that one piece of hair that doesn't want to obey
  3. My floral print wallet | It's faded but I love this thing
  4. A pen | To sign stuff and write (I hate using pencils)
  5. Mini mirror | Lol, pretty self explanatory
  6. Hand sanitizer | Again, I ride the bus...
  7. Lipstick | This one is from Studio Gear, because it's the perfect "Fall" color
  8. Chewing gum | Love this stuff, but I prefer ice breakers because chewing gum makes me hungry :)
  9. A mini perfume | This scent is amazing <3
  10. A transparent pressed powder | This helps with my oily skin
  11. And last but not least Cupcake Panty by Affinitas*

I know carrying panties in your purse might seem a little weird, but have you ever had aunt flow sneak up on you? Or wanted to spend the night over a "friends" house and didn't have an extra pair? Well that's where these come in handy, plus the packaging looks like a little cupcake. :) 

Out of all of the colors the polka dot ones are my favorite but they have so many different patterns to choose from. Whether you're looking for classic black pair or bold zebra print they got you covered. They come in two different syles, hipsters and thong styles, but if you would like to see all the different pairs you can visit their website by clicking here.

Oh, and before you go, you can enter the Affinitas Scholarship sweepstakes! All you have to do is three simple steps and you could be the lucky winner of $1000, plus a “Super Bakers Dozen” (16) Cupcake Panty special delivery from Affinitas. All you have to do is enter with these three easy steps.

  • Follow Affinitas on either social media: Facebook, Twitter (@AffinitasIntima), and Instagram  (@Affinitas)
  • Post a pic of your acceptance letter next to your congratulatory cupcake 
  • Tag Affinitas and hashtag #wearacupcake 
For more info visit weareacupcake.com and to complete the registration form.

*This post was sponsored by Affinitas but ALL opinions are my own. To learn more check out the "contact" tab. :)

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