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Monday, September 8

I refuse to say goodbye to summer, who's with me?! I don't want to end the long days or stop wearing short shorts. I'm in total denial of the arrival of autumn and apparently, so is the weather because its 85° degrees today. Sure, it's September, but here in the south we get warm weather until late October. So while you're reading this entire post just pretend like its August!

In late August I took a trip to my local VS (which is at a unhealthy distance of 15 minutes away), and picked up some summer body mist. I don't know where the habit came from, but every august I stock up on summer items for the next year because I'm on a students budget and I love getting a good deal.

This trip one was a huge score because I had coupons to get both body mist for free. Yup, both were entirely free. You see, Victoria's Secret tracks you purchases and if you make about three purchases in one month they usually send you something to thank you, whether it's $10 off any order or a sweet coupon, they know how to spoil their valued customers.

During this trip I picked up two scents from the same beach line. One was called Beach Love, and the other is Secret Oasis. Both scents have a well... beachy vibe to them but the Secret Oasis is fresh with rose lilies, while Beach Love is sweet and has a coconut fragrance to it. Both fragrances last only a few hours (just like any other body mist from Victoria's Secret), but I don't mind reapplying them.

♥ Secret Oasis
Notes: Tropical mango and rose lily

♥ Beach Love
Notes: Coconut and Hawaiian sugarcane

Overall Experience    

♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Now, one there's thing I have to warn you about Victoria's Secret before blindly wonder into their store, Lol. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING smells good. I have never smelled a fragrance/scent from VS that was unpleasant or sickly sweet. Sure, they have extremely intense fruity scents, but somehow it always smells good. Maybe I'm just a huge sucker for their entire store, who knows? Since this item is only found in-store or on sites like eBay, I included similar scents that are from their permanent line.

These body mist are rated four out of five because their a great buy if you get them during their 7 for 35 sale, have a free coupon, or get them during a summer clearance, because the original price was $20. Also, I didn't give this a 5 star rating because the scent doesn't last very long, but it's a body mist. It's suppose to be light. 

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