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Monday, September 22

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars last week? It's okay if you didn't, because normally I wouldn't either. But last week's season premier was special because they featured a YouTuber for the first time. Do you know what that means? It means YouTubers have finally became main stream and guess who helped encouraged this massive movement? Bethany Noel Mota.

It's crazy to think around this time last year everyone refereed to Bethers as MacBarbie07, but now that Bethany has made a name for herself she is taking on bigger projects and making her dreams come true. This year alone she has alone has traveled the world, became the first Youtuber to grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine, won a Teen Choice Award, won two Streamy Awards, and Interviewed Celebrities for E! Entertainment. With all of those projects going on I have to wonder how she can manage to kill it on Dancing With the Stars but it seems like nothing is to hard for girl, oh, and did I mention she's only 18? :)

Bethany's everyday style is pretty and down to earth, but this Looks to Love isn't going to feature one of her her daily looks because her videos describes every look. After all, haha, it's how she became so popular on YouTube. So, today's look is going to be all about something she hardly talks about, her athletic attire.

Before dancing with the stars Beth hardly mentioned working out or anything physical because, let's face it, most 18 year old's aren't worried about hitting the gym. But after she joined the cast of DWTS we got a chance to see a whole new side of Bethany's fashion sense. Below I picked out two of my favorite workout outfits, and I know, I know. Usually I only include one look in my Looks to Love post but since these are so similar to each other it was hard for me to choose which one I liked better!

The first look is really cute because she tied her V-Neck tee is mint green an stands out against the black. Also I like how she tied a little knot above her highwaisted VSX Leggings, because I feel like that's something Bethany would with her casual clothes. 

Last but not least the pretty in pink workout outfit. I saved this one for last because it shows Beth's typical style. From the off shoulder shirt to the pink Nikes, I can actually see her wearing something like this at the gym.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if your have any suggestions, or a favorite celeb/YouTuber you would like for me to feature, feel free to leave a comment below :)

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