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Tuesday, September 23

Earlier today I was looking over my blog archive (which is something I like to do when I have writers block, hehe, oops), and noticed I've stopped writing "Berry Personal" post. This wasn't done on purpose, but I got so caught up with writing review and fashion post that I simply stopped. So today I'm going to bring back those types of post and write about something that happened a few days ago.

One day while I was on a morning jog I saw orange leaf dance off a tree and gracefully glide to the ground. Usually I don't pay attention to small details like this one (haha, I'm almost always rushing and in a lets get this done RIGHT NOWWW mode), but after I saw that leaf I decided to slow down and adsorb everything around me. From the spider who was carefully building her web to light woodsy scent in the air. I wanted to take the time to admire everything and fall in love with the Autumn season.

Now I know some of you guys have already experienced these changes, but have you taken the time to admire the world around you? I know with a busy schedule and a amazing thing called Netflix it's hard to admire the simple things in life. Haha, and this might sound like a hippy thing to say, but I dare you to go somewhere quite (without any electronics, yes that includes your phone), and spend at least 30 minutes in total silence. If you're a city girl or live in the suburbs it might be hard to find a quiet place, but once I did I could finally pay attention to everything around me and truly admire nature.

Oh, but before you go... how's that new years resolution going? Don't think I forgot to check up on you guys! You have exactly 99 days so make each one count!

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