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Thursday, September 4

What's your dream wedding, is it a traditional wedding in upstate New York, beachside near the Santa Monica Pier, or rustic chic near the country side? I had to ask myself this when Lover.ly asked me to participate in their Dream Day Style Challenge, which is a creative challenge for bloggers to create their very own dream wedding! Which type of wedding location did I end up choosing? Of course, the Rustic Chic! I picked this one because of the beautiful earthy tones and nature feel because I'm a sucker for anything earthy. Also, I adore this theme because it reminds me of my southern roots.

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While I was creating this set I knew I wanted everything to be romantic and down to earth, so I picked out a beautiful wedding gown, by Daughters of Simone. I like this dress because it's the best of both worlds, modern and classic! The crop top is currently a popular fashion trend, while the lace detailing is a timeless classic.

As for accessories I wanted to keep it bohemian looking by adding a cherry blossom headpiece with textured hair and vintage gloves. Personally, I love the models hair because its different and fresh, but what do you think? Should a brides hairstyles always be perfect and put together? I would love to read your input in the comments section below! Next I picked out a simple bracelet, nature inspired ring, nude nail polish, strappy sandals, and a light perfume. All of these items creates a natural beauty vibe which I adore for fall weddings.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you want to check out all of the items in this set click here to see my bundle on Lover.ly!

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