Wake Up Call | 5 Ways I Productively Start My Day

Wednesday, September 3

With summer ending and the new school year in full swing, it can be difficult to snap back into a structured routine. I know this because I struggled with getting back on track, but after some trial and error, I found some foolproof way to productively start my day and want to share my tips with you!

Morning Call       

For most people, waking up in the wee hours of the morning is the hardest part about starting a busy day. But once you find out the method that works for you it becomes second nature.

The first method is getting not hitting the snooze button, I mean DO NOT hit it once! Whenever you hit snooze it confuses your body, making it harder to get out of bed the second, third, or (for you night owls)  fourth time. To prevent hitting the snooze button jump imminently out of bed AS SOON as the alarm goes off. I'm serious! Act like there's a fire and you need to get up fast. But if that method is too drastic, buy a alarm clock that increases in volume the longer you stay in bed. Having this type of alarm will annoy the heck out of you and you get out bed imminently.

Still having difficulty getting up? Try taking a positive approach and wake up to the sound of happy/encouraging music. I've found this method works best for me because it causes me to be less grumpy and people actually think I'm a morning person! Haha, kidding kidding. I'm still a little banshee when I get up but at least I'm no longer a.. umm... witch. ^.^

Work it Girl!       

I know, I know. The LAST thing you probably want do is work out, but trust me, it can change your day drastically! Don't get me wrong, I hated morning workouts as well, but after strictly doing it for a month my body started to crave early workouts. The trick is to only do a little bit at a time, i.e: five laps around the house, or running up and down one fight of stairs 5 times. The objective is to get you moving for a burst of energy.

Plan a Exciting Breakfast        

Usually, I don't eat breakfast (I prefer delicious fruit smoothies instead). But this tip is all about planning something to eat something to help you wake up faster. My favorite breakfast includes eggs, yogurt, barriers, and a veggie sausage (because I'm a pescatarian), but you can eat any type of breakfast. Just make sure it's high in protein and has berries in it.

Hydrated = Happy       

 I'm sure you've heard how important water is to our bodies, but a cool way to enhance the heath benefits of water adding some citrus fruit. I love drinking fruit infused water because its a refreshing pick-me-up that instantly makes you feel wide awake :)

Think Positively         

Last but not least, try writing down 5 positive things that happened the previous day and 5 things you can't wait to happen the present day. When you do this you program your brain to think positively and get excited for your new, unpredictable, action packed, day! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any useful tips feel free to leave them in the comment section below or tweet me at @ItsBerryStylish! <3

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