My first Ipsy Glam Bag | July 2014

Thursday, July 31

After reviewing my first monthly box back in May (which was the POPSUGAR Must-Have Box), I decided to finally bite the bullet and subscribe to Ipsy.

I've been stalking Ipsy Glam Bags blogger post/videos reviews ever since Bethany Mota (aka favorite YouTuber of all time) announced she would be apart of the group back in 2011. Sadly she is no longer apart of Ipsy, but I still wanted to give it a go and try my first Ipsy Glam Bag. I had some likes and dislikes about this months bag, but let's get started :)

When my pink little package finally arrived I was so excited to see what items I had received. But sadly my excitement was instantly replaced with disappointment when I lined up all the products side by side. Why was I so disappointed? Well simply because there wasn't anything I could use! *coughs* except for the Pixi product, but we will talk about that later... right now I'm in rant mode ^.^ *coughs* Ahem, almost all of the products I couldn't use! Literally, the bronzer, hair spray, tanning oil, and eye shadow are all unusable because they look transparent on my dark skin tone. And let's be honest, I didn't even know what tanning oil was a year ago, haha, so you can probably imagine how shocked I was when I received it in my "personalized" Ipsy bag.

After cooling down a bit I almost cancelled my subscription but after reading some previous Glam Bag reviews I decided to try it for one more month. Maybe this month was just a bad one, who knows? On a positive note I did like the adorable pink bag and one product, so I guess it wasn't a total waste, right?

Out of everything I'm most excited to try the Pixi Tinted Brillance Balm because it's such a pretty shade and I'm a sucker for lip products <3

Hoep you guys enjoyed this review and I have quick question for my beauty bloggers (or anyone who's subscribed to Ispy), is it safe to trade on the Ipsy website? I've seen a lot of users posting their emails for trading but it seemed a little sketchy. How will I know they are sending me my product? What about shipping, etc. I would love to read about your experiences :) 


  1. Really love that bag and your blog! I'll be in touch :)

  2. The bag is adorable! I love the tinted lip balm color and your nails are HOT !


  3. Besides the bag itself being super cute, I just loved everything that came inside :)


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