Huge Success or Major Fail? | Pinky Paradise Colored Contacts Review

Friday, July 25

Ever wanted to change your look without doing anything drastic or permanent? I know I have, and wearing color contacts is the perfect way to temperately look different. At first I assumed I couldn't wear circle lenses on a daily bases, but some companies make natural looking colored contacts specifically for everyday users like me. One company that's known for their colored contacts is Pinky Paradise*, and recently they sent me three contacts to review for you guys. So without a further ado, let's get started!  

  Choosing the Right Contact Colors  

Picking out the right colored contacts can be a tricky task but on Pinky Paradise's website they have a huge section of natural looking contacts. Also I love how they had real life pictures from customers on their website so you'll exactly how they look in natural daylight.

After looking at a few colors I narrowed it down to three contact lenses. The first one was a blue shade called  G&G GBT Grey, next is a was a grayish color called Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue, and the last one was natural light brown color called  G&G A21 Brown (shown in photos below.)

After a speedy shipping process I received my package with my contacts along with some bonus items! The included bonus items were three adorable animal contact cases (the elephant was my favorite), and this cool clip thing to keep your hair out of the way while your putting in the lenses.

  Wearing Contacts for the First time  

After opening all of the cute packaging I imminently wanted to try everything. But after trying to put the contacts in for 10 minutes I realized I knew nothing about contacts. So what do you do when you don't know how to do something? Google it! Well... in this case I looked up videos on YouTube. But to my dismay, after 30 minutes of YouTube videos I still didn't know how to put them in. The girls in the videos made it look so easy but for me, a first time contact user, it was a challenge. After another half hour I finally figured out how to properly put them in and now it's a piece of cake. It's like learning to ride a bike, once you know how you never forget :)

*Side note to contact users, I have SO MUCH respect for you, haha*

As for the comfort level, I would say it's about a 10, aka extremely comfortable! The only way I can describe it is how your eyelashes feel when you apply mascara to them. You can feel the mascara, but it isn't bothering you and after 2 minutes you forget you have it on. That's exactly how these Pink Paradise contacts feel like. They're so comfortable that I literally forgot I had them on.

Overall I highly suggest giving these a go if you want to use them for cosplay or everyday wear, and if you're intimidated by wearing contacts, don't be! You can't feel them and the more you use them the easier it is to put in. Right now I can put them on in 1 min rather than 1 hour *lol*

[Colored contacts in G&G A21 Brown shown in the picture to the left and above]

Psst! Before you go, if you're interested in buying any Pink Paradise's contacts you can use the coupon code coupon code here berrystylishofficial for a free cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gift. The coupon code can be stacked, If you're purchasing 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts. A minimum of 1 pair of circle lens purchased to activate the code. The code has no expired dates so enjoy! :)

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