Lust List: 3 Inexpensive Cocktail Dresses

Friday, July 11

Sometimes it's challenging to discover the perfect dress, but do you know what's harder? Finding one that's within budge! Most cocktail dresses cost over $3,000, but for today's Lust List I have three inexpensive ones from G Bridal. This online store is the perfect place to discover fashionable dress that can fit any budget!

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My first pick features a gorgeous dress with delicate detailing. This dress comes in many different colors but my favorite is the blush pink color. Why? Well simply because It's perfect for the summer season and adds feminine vibe to any outfit. Talk about a win win situation.

Untitled #75

Next is a royal blue A-line dress with sparkly rhinestones and halter neckline! This dress is perfect if you want to stand out at any party without being overly flassy. Plus the flowy fabric is a excellent way to beat the heat if you're attending a outdoors cocktail party.

Lastly I picked a classic Little Black Dress! This dress is my favorite out of the three because LBD's are ideal for any occasion and fit any type of cocktail party. Going to a outdoor party? Wear a LBD. Going to a extremely formal party? Wear a LBD. Going to a wedding? Wear a LBD! Haha, you probably get the point, Little Black Dresses compliments everyone and you can wear them anywhere!

One of the things I like about G Bridal is their large selection of little black dresses. Out of all of them I picked this one because of its body hugging material and beautiful neckline. Think that a rhinestone neckline is a small detail that should go unnoticed? Think again, because it's not! Details like this might seem small but they aren't because they can save you a lot of money. How? Simply because you can skip wearing a necklace! Also this dress is made with a stretchy type of fabric that instantly makes your body look banging and shows off your best.. ahem, assets... if you know what I mean! ;)

So these are my top picks but what about yours? What type of dress do you usually wear to a cocktail parties or formal events? Is it something classic or flash and fun? Let's chat about it in the comment section below! :)


  1. Wow all the dresses are really stunning.Black one is my favorite:) if anybody want visit


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