June 2014 Favorites

Thursday, June 26

Since next week I'm going to take the week off for the Fourth of July I decided to share with you guys my monthly favorites a little bit early. This month I've added a random section with a food item I've been obsessed with, hehe, but I hope you enjoy ^.^


The first item is a eyeliner from L'oreal Paris that my sister bought a few days ago. I know, I know, it's technically not a favorite if I found out about it near the end of the month but hey, it's amazing!

For my other beauty favorites I have my Simple moisturizer, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, and Lemon Vanilla shower gel from Bath & Body Works. Hehe, you can probably tell how much I love the shower gel since it's almost gone <3


During the of June I was obsessed with this ombre blouse because it's light enough to wear on a summer day and adds a put together look to any outfit. Oh, and that reminds me, I also have some favorites from Victoria's Secret, but I'm saving that for my birthday haul post.


Last but not least, some random items I loved this month.

TV  The Challenge: Free Agents (can't wait for the season finally tomorrow night!)
Music → Chandelier by Sia (I prefer the Village remix version because it has a "fun vibe")
Food → Kashi Gluten Free Cereal (can't get enough of this stuff plus it's gluten free ^.^)
Moment Learning how to cook Lobster all by myself <3

Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorites! But now it's your turn, what are some things you enjoyed this month?

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