How to Save Money with Couponing

Wednesday, June 18

Not to long ago I told y'all how to make money, so this week I decide to tell you how to save it! There's many ways to save money but I've found the best way is to use coupons. I know, most people don't have time to coupon or might think it not worth it.  But if you follow some these tips you'll end up loving it!

First you will  need to get the Sunday paper 'cause that is where you get most your coupons. I recommend getting  at least 2-6 Sunday papers. I get about 6 Sunday papers, but you don't need that many. I only get this much because I love to stock up on awesome deals! Next you want to organize your coupons because that will help you to save big time in the future.

Most people spend a lot of their time searching for great deals around the internet, but I found that it's easier to visit a few websites to plan your coupon trip. Below are a few  sites that are specifically for couponing!

These are my top favorites but there is so many others to pick from! After I see an awesome deal (from one of these sites above), I make my shopping list the day before and get my coupons together.

Remember to write all your items down and be organized because the last thing you want to happen is a transaction to be revoked. To avoid this issue I also print the coupon policies for the store I'm shopping at. That way won't have any trouble if a cashier doesn't know the policy. 

*For all of the stores listed below you will need to sign up for their free rewards cards, so register now if you don't already own one!

This is my all time favorite place to shop at cause they have program where you get Extra Care Bucks. These bucks are like cash you can use in their store. At CVS you can roll these ECB (extra care bucks) onto another transaction. For example on the weekly ad it would say buy Colgate toothpaste for $2.99 receive $2.00 ECB on your next purchase. What you would do is use $1 off Colgate coupon and pay $1.99. Then you roll on next transaction where you buy another Colgate toothpaste use your $1 off coupon and $2.00 ECB then pay nothing! Then receive another $2.00 ECB! You can just keep rolling in till the limit is up normally there a limit of 2.

Walgreens they have a register reward and balance reward points program. The register reward is a lot like CVS ECB except it is not as easy to rollover your RR (registrar reward) points. You see, the receive balance reward  points are when you buy a product listed in weekly ad to get balance points.  But this is where it's about to get complicated, so just bare with me (lol). At Walgreen you can't rollover points like CVS. For example if you were to buy a Crest toothpaste to receive a $2 RR you won't be able process the deal again on second transaction 'cause the RR wont print it out.

The only way you can roll at Walgreens with RR is if you bought 2 different brands. For example if there was RR on Crest toothpaste and Colgate tooth brush where print out $1 RR for each. What you would do is in one transaction buy the Crest toothpaste receive your $1 RR. Then on second transaction buy the Colgate toothbrush pay with $1 RR receive RR. Always make sure when your rolling your RR it is always different brand. Now with balance reward points you can't use your points when you buy product where you get points. For example if you have 1,000 points ($1) on your card and in the ad says when you buy this mouthwash you get 1,000 points. If you use your 1,000 points already on your card to buy a item where your redeeming points you won't receive no points.  But you can use your RR on the products where you receive points. Walgreen is a lot more complicated, but you can get some awesome deals! Just make sure you have copy of your Walgreen coupon policy with you. Because Walgreen can be hard to deal with.

Rite Aid  they have program where you can get UP+ reward. Unfortunately though you can't roll cause the UP+ aren't activate till next day. But I added this one to the list because RiteAid still has amazing deals! So just remember on your first trip you have to spend some money to make money.

Rite Aid is an amazing drugstore because you can use up to 3 coupons on 1 product! The three coupons I'm talking about is the in ad coupon, ad perks coupon, and the manufacturer coupon.

Ad coupons are the ones on their weekly ads. Ad perks is where you watch these short commercial then you receive coupon! Then manufacture coupon are the ones found in your Sunday paper (or printed from the manufactures website, i.e. That's the main reason why Rite Aid such great place shop at and sometimes I even get moneymakers (moneymakers are when they pay you to shop there)! Awesome right?

Those are the basic of using coupons. I been using coupons for while now but really just start getting into it just recently. I so glad I did! I been able to build up good size stockpile now.
Hopefully this well give you the boost to start dabbling into the world of couponing!


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  4. That's the smart thing to do and you save money. I do have a Walgreens balance card.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Kim. I too use coupons to save money :)

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  6. wow! thanks for share all your tips with us, looks like you really know how to do it =)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love using coupons, I love getting a good deal :)

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