How to Make Money On Summer Break

Thursday, June 5

Wouldn't you  love to earn an extra $50 a month? (I know I would!) Today I'm going to share with you one my favorite reward sites called SwagBucks! With this site you can earn points for watching videos, doing surveys, voting on daily polls, playing games, and even surfing the web! When I first found out about it I thought it sounded to good to be true.  I was eagerer to start earning some points, but unfortunately encountered one huge dilemma, I didn't know where to start! Fast forward a year later and I wish I knew some tips that I know now, and I'm going to share with you everything I wish I knew when I joined the site.

First thing first, make an account (Click Here!) Now that you made your account here's how to official start earning some points. What I like to do first is look To Do List and get them finish first. Once you complete that  list you earn 4 SB (swagbucks) points. [see first left photo]

 Now on Swagbucks they have a daily goal where you have to get a certain amount of points for your first Goal 1. If you reach your daily Goal 1 everyday for a month you get a bonus of 600 SB points, or more! Now you're probably wondering how can you get points without it taken forever. Well, for me I like to earn points when I know I have an hour of "free time", and wont be interrupted. I first start with 3 tabs open. [see second left photo]


This tab is where you watch little short clips and once you watch all 10 you earn 3 SB points. You can do this as many times you want.


 Now the second tab is where you can play games (yes I said games!) and earn points. My favorite game is Swag Jump all you  have to do is play the game twice then you get 2 sb. You can get up to 10 sb a day with just playing these different games!


 The last tab, encrave (located under discover), is where you do easy offers to get SB points. I like doing the ones where you click the link it opens up a tab (then exit out of the tab)  wait couple second in till you get check mark by that offer then just repeat. There is a lot encrave to choose from just pick the one you personally like the most! 


Another way to earn SB points is to go on the homepage where there bunch other offers. I like doing the easy ones where you just earn 1-2 SB and take one minute to do. Though ever now and then you'll see the laptop guy. Whenever this guy pops up you click him to do a super easy SB offer. You'll end up loving laptop guy when ever he pop up!


Now that you know how to get points let me tell you how to redeem them! First you go to the reward store. There will be variety of all gift card you can think of. My favorite is the amazon $5 gift card cause only cost 450 SB to get ( and I might be tad bit addict to amazon Lol!) Once you redeem it can take up to 10 days to receive, but sometimes you can get it sooner! 

These are some of my main tips for you. But now its your turn to make some tips of your own!  

*It's available in all of the following countries where has official presence.
 US, UK,Canada, Australia, and Ireland. 

                                          Photo credit Photo edits and sets created by  +Lacey B  


  1. Cool I join to check out for myself thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Thursday, babe! Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! :)


  3. So amazing post ;)
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  4. really interesting



  5. Priscilla EliodoroJune 5, 2014 at 5:40 PM

    Great post!

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  7. Neat post. Who couldn't use extra money?

  8. In which countries does it work?

  9. Sounds great! Not sure if it's available in my country, though. x

  10. I remember I made an account ages ago for SwagBucks. I might pick it up again with your tips and see how it goes. Thanks!

  11. Lacey, that's a neat site and what a way to earn cool things! Love it.

  12. It's available in all of the following countries where has official presence. US, UK,Canada, Australia, and Ireland. Hopefully that helps! :)

  13. It's available in all of the following countries where has official presence. US, UK,Canada, Australia, and Ireland. Hopefully you can sign up! :)

  14. You so should!! I did the same thing I sign up then stop cause was so confusing! Then decide to retry and so glad I did. :)

  15. Yes it is! So glad you liked it!!

  16. Yay! I hope you love it as much I do.

  17. Unfortunately I don't live in any of those countries but thank you :D

  18. Thanks ! I need money lol;(

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