5 Spring 2014 Nail Trends You Have to Try

Thursday, March 20
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Today is officially the first day of spring and I'm happy to finally see the flowers bloom after the cold winter. To celebrate the new season I decided to share with you my favorite spring manicure looks that are currently trending! All of the manis look easy to recreate and this year I'm looking forward to try something new, how about you? :)

White and Silver 
Pretty and Pure

Firstly,  let's take a moment to gawk at how gorgeous the model is. Done? Okay now let's talk about the nail look! I think my favorite part about the White and Silver trend is how simple and clean it looks. Spring is all about new beginnings and I think this look captures that seasonal aspect without being over the top.


Half Moon
 Talk About a Peek of Chic

I adore because of the simplicity. This nail look is all about showing off a little bit of your natural nail underneath a pastel nail color. I love this look because it's a manicure version of the popular "cut-out" clothing trend.

The Bold and the Beautiful

 Usually neon is associated with summer, but I like how they are making these bright shades for every season. We saw a peek of neon in 2013 winter fashion collections, but now we're getting a bust of bright tones for 2014 spring collections.

 My favorite part about neon nail polish is how you can go crazy with color and it still makes your hands look amazing. Just remember to add a good top coat because bright shades tend to chip more.

 Simple Stripe
Little Detail, Huge Difference

Who doesn't like stripes? This trend turns the casual preppy pattern into a modern look. Personally, I like uniqueness of this manicure and the fact that it's super easy to recreate. All you have to do is add a bold colored stripe going horizontal on one nail and vertical on the next.

Metallic Ombre
Embracing Edginess

I wanted to save the best for last because this one is definitely my favorite! I love ombre, so naturally I think it's genius how someone got the metallic version to finally trend. Whoever you are, thank you. No seriously thank you.  Hmm, maybe I should wear this during spring break and match it with my bikini, or to compliment a outfit, who knows? :)

 To create this nail effect all you have to do is layer different colors of nail polish in the same family on a makeup sponge. For a detailed tutorial you can check it out by clicking here.

»  So tell me, Are you into nail trends or do you tend to follow your own style rules?

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  1. Beautiful nail trend great post.

  2. Love the stripe trend x


  3. Оксана ЗолотухинаMarch 20, 2014 at 5:03 PM

    Such lovely pictures! Thanks for inspiration!


  4. Great inspiration, I love the Neon and Pointed nail trend.



  5. love the srtipe trend
    great post


  6. Loved the metallic ombre. Never seen it before :)


  7. I naturally gravitate towards the easiest pattern - the stripe. I think I can handle that one :)

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  8. I would like to think that I don't follow the trends, but until a year ago, I never put anything on my fingernails except for a sheer ballerina pink... I think I have been influenced by really good bloggers style, and here!
    XX, Elle

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  10. Hello on this lovely sunny sunday!

    Lovely blog I like everything about your nails, the first pfoto mostly:-)

    This weekend my daughter Maria made Polkadot nailart manicure on me:


    Like all your news, colours and life at the blog. Nice!

  11. I'm so into minimalist nails nowadays - the simple stripe and half moon I wanna try definitely! =)

    - Che


  12. Nice post ! Love the silver look! Your blog is lovely!
    I’m following you on Bloglovin!


  13. Thanks for sharing <3 Super useful!!!

  14. I really love half moon and simple stripe one :D


  15. Oh my gosh, adore the tiny black stripe! It seems achievable too which is even better :)


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