Spring OOTD Featuring PersunMall

Friday, February 28

Lately I've been looking forward to spring since it's right around the corner and today I have outfit of the day featuring a fun and feminine look. Most of my items I picked out for this outfit is from a site called PersunMall* which has numerous of fashionable choices at a reasonable price. But, that being said let's look at some details I really enjoy about each piece :)

To start out the outfit I wanted something simple but pretty so I went with the Sweet Basic Pleated Skirt. Personally  I like this particular skirt because it's thick enough to wear while the seasons are changing and has cute little gold stars. Next I picked out the Black White Short Vest because crop top's are really cute with circle skirts and I wanted to keep this look simple. After that I added some extra detailing with the Beautiful Seven Rose Flower and Cute Fluorescent Hollow bracelets; both jewelry items are gorgeous and have gold detailing to match the stars on my skirt.

For my nail polish and fragrance I decided to keep it simple with a mauve-nude tone nail polish and Victoria's Secret Gorgeous perfume.

>> By the way, in the photos you might notice how I had to use fake flowers since it's still pretty freezing here and nature didn't want to cooperate. Haha, mother nature is such a diva... :)

P.S. If you would like to check out any of the items above use provided links and don't forget to stop by PersunMall.com because they help support the blog!

»  So tell me, What's your favorite thing to wear during spring time?

Photos: last image is provided by Operation Smile, All rights reserved. 


  1. Cool items awesome images.

  2. Love the bracelet! I was planning skater skirt and crop top also some floral print this time! ;)

    Lovely blog

    With Love,

    Curly Scribbles

  3. Great outfit x


  4. lovin' the fragrance you picked out =)

  5. Absolutley LOVE this look! So pretty xo


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