How to Save Money on Textbooks and Giveback to Others

Friday, February 21

I don't know about you, but have you ever wondered how weird it is that textbooks are extremely expensive yet you only use them once? Or how most universities buy back your text books at a insanely low price just resell it at triple what they payed you. Hopefully I'm not the only one who sees how sketchy this is, and personally I don't want schools to cash in on you while you're already paying a bunch of money just to go to attend college.

So, you might ask yourself, what's the "smart" way to save money on your textbooks. Well, at first I was just as clueless as you until I was contacted by Campus Book Rentals* and found out a easy way to get the books you need while saving money. Also if you use this method you help children in need, and who doesn't like helping adorable kids? :)

Rent Books From a Online Website Instead of Your School
Saving up to 80%

The first way you can save money on books is to use Campus Book Rentals, which is a site where you can simply search for your specific textbook by title, author, or ISBN number. After deciding how long you would like to keep the book simply choose the way you would like for it to be shipped to you and your done, it's literally that easy. I like this system reminds me of a online library made specifically for college students.

Renting Out Books to Other Students
Save Money and Keep Your Books

Currently own some books but don't know what to do with them? With RentBack (a website owned by Campus Book Rentals) you have the power to keep your books while renting them out to other students. This is a unique way to get 2-4x more money compared to what you'd make through buyback options!


But the main reason why I decided to feature Campus Book Rentals and RentBack on my blog is not only to help anyone trying to save money but also because they donate to Operation Smile with each rented textbook. What's operation smile? Well it's a international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives. To find out more or to donate simply click here.

»  So tell me, What's one thing that you learned in school or university that changed your life?


  1. Great ideas! I normally use Chegg. It saves me a lot of money and there is an option where you can donate when you order your textbooks. :)

  2. hi Sierra :-) brilliant post!&sites ;-) i have used the ''Campus Book Rentals''-) -is easy&useful-i'm interested about it because i'm student at university-&it's true we can save money on books_keep in touch sweety :*

  3. Everygoodthingblog by MelissaFebruary 24, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    Aw, this is such a great post! I wish I had read this while I was still in school. I will have to pass along to all my friends who are still studying!

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  5. It really seems like an awsome initiative :) I really wish that I had such an option back when I was at school!

  6. I think this is a great idea, I´m gonna move and hubby and I have found a lot of old text books and we don´t know what to do with them, but now I know, you gave me a great idea sweetie... kisses

  7. I know right, and I like how easy it is to use :)

  8. Thanks for sharing it with your friends!

  9. I know right, I like how there's now websites to save money on books

  10. Glad that I could help and good luck with your move!

  11. The idea of sharing books is fantastic. When I was in Uni I bought quite a few of my books used. Now I try to donate books whenever possible. (Hey thanks for you amazing comment on my site)

  12. I wish they had this type of program when I was in college. The cost of textbooks can really add up quickly. This is such a great system and even better that they also benefit Operation Smile.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. Fantstic idea!!!

    I follow you! Wanna follow me back??

  14. Nice post!


  15. Sierra,

    What a smart option for students, and a wonderful charity! This is one of my moms favorite charities and she passed 4 years ago, so I continue to support it!

    Great work sweetie!

    XX, Elle

  16. These are some excellent options Sierra! Gosh, I wish I would've had these when I was in college. My major was Biology with a minor in Chemistry so you can imagine my book bill. HaHaHa

  17. very interesting and smart!



  18. nice videos


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