Be My Valentine Series #3 | Dress Lookbook

Tuesday, February 11
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Recently I've had a enormous amount of fun editing on Polyvore, so today I want to do something different and post a fun little lookbook for you guys! Haha, just to warn you there's going to be a lot more of these type of post in the near future.

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For this category I wanted to keep it simple and sweet with beautiful dresses under $25. Out of all the dresses the Bare It Bodycon Dress is my favorite because of the unique circle cutout and sleeves.

(left to right, as pictured above)

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I'm obsessed with pink so this section was a lot of fun to create. For the under $45 dresses I wanted to keep it fun and youthful so that's why there's fun prints and bold detailing in this category. My favorite dress is the Skater Dress with Contrast Piping because it compliments most body types and highlights your waist.


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Last but not least, the category for the girl who likes to splurge! Personally I had a hard time picking out the dresses for this category because I tend to stay away from purple, but after noticing all the beautiful shades purple comes in I found myself falling in love with the color. 
Out of all the dresses I believe the lilac [Nasty Gal Censored Skater Dress] is my favorite. I love anything with detail and this dress is full of it creating a overall edgy look! :) 


»  So tell me, Which dress was your favorite?

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Photos: from Polyvore, All rights reserved.


  1. so pretty, I love the pink dresses! x

  2. I really love the pink dress the model is wearing. That could be worn for Spring and Summer also.

  3. I really love the purple dresses! OMG they're perfect!

  4. I loove the pink dress!

  5. That section was my favorite to create :)

  6. Exactly, I'm from Georgia so it's perfect for spring/late winter :)


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