October Favorites 2013

Monday, November 11

As you might already know,  monthly favorites are supposedly suppose to be posted at the beginning of the month. But... for some reason I can never get my favorites published on time! Maybe it's because I take awhile to narrow down a few products? Who knows! But to help me out, let's all pretend that today, Nov 11th, is actually November 1st! Okay? Good! :)

Eye Products

Let's start off with my favorite category, eyes! Last month I have to admit I didn't wear much makeup but for some reason I was addicted to having perfect brows and deflating my naturally puffy eyes. To achieve this I used Brows a-Go-Go by Benefit Cosmetics and Fab First Aid Beauty's Dual Repair Eye Cream.

Both products are amazing but together they did wonders for my eyes!

Lip Products

Okay, so for this next product I have to admit something... I reviewed Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment a while ago and gave it a HUGE thumbs down. In the past I thought the product seemed was cheap and over priced, but a few weeks ago I pulled this out of my beauty draw of rejected products and retried it. To my surprise nothing was wrong with the product but everything was wrong with what season I was using it in!

In my previous review (that you can check out here) I stated how the product was a huge oil slide because it melted so dang much. Well... it turns out, I only experienced the liquefying effect because I (the sometimes clueless idiot) decided to wear it in the 100 degree Georgia heat! So to make a long story short, Fresh purposely made this product for cooler climates so that's why it's ultra-nourishing and protective benefits are perfect for fall.

Also another favorite I retried was my Carmex. Every night before bed I used this and now I think it's a fall/winter must!

Skin Products

I'm unsure if you guys noticed, but I have a unhealthy obsession with Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret products. Maybe I'm obsessed because they're always have a "buy 3 get a bunch more" deal? Regardless of the reason, I love their skincare products.

One skin care product that I used a lot during October was Victoria's Secret's Deep Nourishing Hand and Body Cream. The scent was addicting and the feeling it gave my skin was simply amazing.
Sadly, this particular scent is no longer available but if you want to try some body creams from VS I would suggest you checking out their other scents. All of them smell super good so I doubt you will be disappointed.

As for my body scrub I used one from Bath & Body Works Peach Citrus from their 2011 Summer line. And I know, I know, you're probably wondering why I'm not using a body scrub from 2013. Well to tell you the truth, it's because I wanted to try this one out after noticing it was unopened and collecting tons of dust in my closet. So I mean why not try it? And I'm glad I did because after I using it for a few weeks I'm pleased to say that I fell in love with the scent and finished off two tubes (one 2 oz and another that was 9.5 ounces) of this stuff!

Last but not least,  Bioré's Acne Clearing Scrub! I've used this face scrub for almost the whole year and it's still doing wonders for my problematic skin! If you want to read a more in depth review check it out: here.

Random but Fun Favorites

  1. Magazine: Vogue & Teen Vogue magazines, I get a ton of blog post inspiration from their magazines and was so excited when I received the Young Hollywood Issue. 
  2. Food: Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies, one word... Delicious.
  3. TV: Breaking Bad and Walking Dead
  4. Book: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
  5. Song: Ghost Busters (original theme song). I was playing this on repeat all month and kept randomly asking my family members "who you gonna call?" and then they would reply with a dull look "ghost busters -.-" Haha. maybe overplayed that song just a bit...

» So, tell me. What's your favorites for fall?

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  1. Great post sugar lips its one of my favorite lip balm.

  2. winter is coming and it's such a killer for my lips! Maybe give the sugerbalm a try this year ha! To answer your question I use a canon EOS 1100D, But I always play with the settings (love to have a blurry background and much light in the pictures)


  3. awesome blog, thanks!

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  4. Oh yum - those cream cheese swirl brownies look soooo good! :)
    The Sugar Lip Treatments look great, I would love to try them! As well as the Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works body stuff! :) Unfortunately, we don't get these goodies in South Africa :/ Lovely post :)

    Loren | Minkys | www.hellominkys.blogspot.com

  5. Great post :)!

    And I'd love to try out those Sugar lip treatments, I've heard so many good things about them. And that Benefit brow products - oh my <3!



  6. I'm sure those brownies would be on my favourites too, if I tried them :)


  7. I really like your favorites ;)

    The Indian Savage Diary

  8. Great post! I'd like to try these body and lips treatements!




  9. I love the cocoa butter cream.

  10. Hey!
    Just found your blog from the blog hop!
    I am now following! I look forward to keeping up!


  11. great post, haven't been to bath&bodyworks in forever - thank you for the recommendations.

    x http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  12. Can't go wrong with teen vogue!!

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin // Instagram


  13. So many great products!


  14. I love acne clearing scrub.I thing everybody needs little bit of that.
    Would you like to follow on instagram? I'll follow you back :-)

  15. Me gustaría probar la crema de coco :)


  16. Ooh that scrub sounds really lovely. I love Biore products, they're so effective yet affordable xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  17. great selection!




  18. Lovely post dear, great stuff here!
    Visit my blog if you have time, I've published a new outfit post and I'll be happy to read your opinion!

  19. I agree, sometimes the season is the reason for difference of opinions for products.


    the way to my Hart

  20. nice and inspiring post!

    thank u for commenting,kisses xxx

  21. No problem, and thanks for stopping by! :)

  22. Sure! I would love to, and thanks for visiting my blog <3

  23. I know right, I love mines so much. And sure!

  24. No problem, and you should really check out their new fall line! Everything is amazing!

  25. They are both really good products, I would love to hear what you think about them!

  26. Me too because that feature really helps draw your eyes to the product and ignore everything else!
    I'll check out more information about the EOS 1100D because I'm on the hunt for a new camera and love yours <3

  27. Es increíble lo recomiendo<3

  28. Oh, you should try them, they are super easy to make!

  29. Yay, I'm glad you like it!

  30. Mines too, now that I retried it :)

  31. Aww, I hate that VS isn't world wide, hopefully one day they will open stores everywhere so people can enjoy their amazing products.

  32. You should, they are amazing!

  33. I really wanna try the Benefit Brow Go go :)


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