Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Wednesday, November 27

Okay, so I have something to admit... I have a huge obsession with Black Friday! If you're not from the states you might be a bit confused, but the day after Thanksgiving stores have huge mark downs and sales. At first I thought it was Black Friday because you have to wake up extra early (like 3am) to get the best deals, but later I found it's called that because the stores have a huge sells increase. While, Cyber Monday is a day for people who were busy and missed Black Friday.. Anyway enough nerd talk. On to the deals!

If you don't live in the States you can still score some amazing deals  because places like The Body Shop, Forever 21, eBay, Amazon, etc. All of these stores have online deals and if you're a student remember to check out Studentrate* for a bonus discount :)

Forever 21

Right at this moment, yes while you are reading this very post, Forever 21 is having their pre Black Friday sales. They are featuring a special for 20% gifts for guys and girls, but on November 29th I bet that they will AT LEAST go 40% off the whole site. Some stores go as high as 75% off but the official promotions aren't published so we have to just wait and see.

The Body Shop

I literally freaked out on this one because I'm addicted to their products and even did a review on their moisturizing Body Butter! 

As of right now The Body Shop is having a three for $30 deal. No, not just three of the same items, I'm talking about three for $30 site wide! Also if you're a student you can use a discount for more savings <3


I recently found out about this stop from a fashion blogger friend, but they are also having amazing mark downs this week. The discounts includes: 25% off womans boots, 50% off red tag clearance,  BOGO (buy one get one) 50% off sweaters, thermals, and sweatshirts! Also if you're a student you can get an additional 7% cash back your purchase.

I really enjoy getting good deals so I cannot contain my excitement for this weekend! Hmm.. on second thought I might do a online shopping right now and if you're interested in more deals you can view the whole list by clicking here. :)

»  So tell me, Are you doing any holiday shopping this weekend??

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  1. Awesome sale rundown, babes! I do love a good deal. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Amazing post! Love great sales! =D
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I already followed you via Bloglovin! =)


  3. I prefer Cyber Monday in the comfort of my home I learn my lesson with black Friday two years ago I almost got crush against a wall in Best buy electronic store never again not worth it.

  4. i've been doing black friday 3 years in a row and i love it! get 75% of xmas shopping done that night/day. have fun black friday shopping!

  5. How lovely! I really wish that we had black friday in Europe :(

  6. I will be doing my shopping online since I am in Canada. Great post.

  7. Here on the Bavarian countryside we haven´t a Black Friday :) Wish you many success!

    Thanks for following - it´s a pleasure for me that I already followed you on bloglovin <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. Sometimes online stores have sales that are world wide, even though Thanksgiving is only in the states <3

  9. Thanks, and hope you score some amazing deals :)

  10. No problem! And thanks for the hopeful wishes, haha I'm just hoping I wont get trampled this year!

  11. I know right! I've been doing it since I was little but each year is different <3
    Hope you also have fun on Black Friday and score some amazing deals!

  12. Me too, partly because I hate spending to much money and partly because I get a rush from all the savings! :)

  13. Olá!!!, Deus
    te abençoe boa noite, amiga post maravilhoso
    amei cada look sucesso amiga.
    Canal de youtube:

  14. wow didn't realise it got that busy!! the body shop discount is amazing. hope you have an amazing black Friday and enjoyed thanksgiving xx

  15. good job girl ! great posting :) that forever 21 store is so huge :) xx

  16. Haha that photo is hilarious and is why I do not do Black Friday...I start my Christmas shopping in June : o But these are some great sales.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  17. Seriously there are SO many amazing deals! Geez, I want it all! Hehehe!!

    Lily | xoxox

  18. too many good deals! my head might explode. lol
    but seriously, i'm trying to behave this year. ;)

  19. I wish I would life in the states, I would go shopping all day!! Hope you will make some bargains!!

  20. I wish I could spend Thanksgiving + Black Friday in the states! Though I have noticed a lot more international sites jumping on the Black Friday sale bandwagon. Thanks for sharing the links! ;)

  21. Great shopping day!!!

  22. I want Black Friday here in Italy!!! So great deals!

    Xxx babe


  23. Does forever 21 ship to Australia ??

  24. More often, this idea of "Black Friday" is coming around the world basically. I like the idea of cyber Monday, I think is so funny.


    Fashion Avenue by Adriana

  25. I never shopped in Forever 21, I feel a bit old for it now (I'm 30). Oh Happy Thanksgiving and have a great Black Friday. xx

  26. here in Italy there is no Black Friday (and no forever 21), you're so lucky!!!



  27. Great Post!♥

    I follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin!

    Hope you follow back:-)

  28. Wow... crazy lineup!!! too bad there's no Black Friday in Canada :( Booo, but i LOVE forever21!! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤

  29. Such a lovely blog and post dear! Thank you for stopping

    Come back soon to
    visit me on The
    Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo

  30. Stephanie @ Diary of a DebutanNovember 28, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    I could spent DAYS in that Forever 21! I'll be perusing their site on Black Friday, for sure! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  31. This is an excellent heads up, and I will check out some online stores, but there is no way I will shop in a real store on Friday. E- Commerce is for me on these big shopping days. Great post!

    XX, Elle

  32. I've actually never shopped on Black Friday!!! I think I've been missing out on some really great deals though. I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday night and it was madness!! I think I'd do black friday, but online : )


  33. I love Black Friday, but I hate how the sales start on Thursday now. I personally really love forever 21 hehe.. I picked up lots of rings and bracelets from there!

  34. I know right! I mean, it really takes time away from hanging out with your family. Plus the workers have to work 12 hour shifts

  35. I want to take advantage of both days but I didn't shop anything. :(


    Stella from a A Shiny

  36. Great tips, thanks for shared!

  37. how come australia doesn't have black friday sales T__T

    im a fan of forever 21!!! but aus only has forever new. though their things are really elegant and gorgeous i still prefer the casual style from F21 :D


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