Looks to Love: Taylor Swift Signature Look

Tuesday, August 6

After watching some recent music videos from Taylor Swift I was inspired to feature her amazing signature style because its so simple and classy. Warning... I am a huge Taylor Swift fan so it was really hard for me not to create to many looks! But... in the end I found four look-a-like pieces perfect for this style post.

In T-Swift style choices I noticed she often adds a fun pop of color and always does three things she does to create her signature look:

1. Adds very simple accessories

2. Wears casual and comfy clothes

3. ALWAYS wears her signature red lips as her makeup choice

I love the fact that she rarely changes the rules and rocks one red lipstick no matter what outfit she have on. In a recent interview she stated that she buys her lipstick from CoverGirl, but this company sponsors her so the statement seems questionable... I mean who really wears one brand of makeup all the time? Regardless, I've given her the benefit of the doubt and added some CoverGirl products  for you to check out down below.

Hope this helps you find a way to make your own signature look, and remember style is all about wearing what you love, it doesn't matter about what other people think!
T-Swift Style

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  1. I love Taylor Swift too. My favorite fashion icon are Taylor and Beyonce

    Want to follow each other's blog? Here's mine: www.versace-of-curvy.blogspot.com

  2. I love Beyonce! Shes so fearless and bold with her style <3


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