Quote of the Week Plus Update

Sunday, August 4

Hi girls! I recently noticed that I started all my post with "hi guys"... and I'm pretty sure you're all girls so from now on im opening with "hi girls".

 Anyway, last week I was super busy with building my YouTube channel and going through some family stress so I did do some re-posting for my blog. I hope you guys didn't mind and I usually don't like re-posting but I didn't want my blog to be lonely while I gave most of my internet attention to YT.

I picked out this quote because I over think/procrastinate a LOT and  this helps me remember to just go for it. Does this happen to you? If It does then I picked out this quote for the both of us! :)

This week I didn't do much except finish up some projects and scout for new locations for my videos so there wont be a picture post in this update, but I know  there will be a huge one next week so just stay tuned for that ^.^

Song of the week: Burn by Ellie Goulding

How was your week?


  1. It happens to me to, so i appreciate this post :)

  2. I love this quote! Looking forward to hearing about the progress of your new venue!
    \XX, Elle

  3. :) Glad you this post helped!


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