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Monday, July 22

Hi guys! So how were you these past two weeks? Honestly I can't believe the time went by so fast! If you haven't notice I went on a little vacation away from the PC and took some time hanging out with my family and friends. This month I promised myself that I wouldn't spend so much on the computer, and I'm glad I stuck to that goal, but I really do miss blogging and communicating with you guys!

The past two weeks were super fun because I got to hang out with my mom which is a huge thing since we don't really get along  back then because of our personality clash. Even though Olive Garden isn't the "fanciest" restaurant the food was yummy! And I have to admit I was a little shocked my mom let us eat out since all my life she really shunned the though of fast food/dinning and talked about how unhealthy it is.

Later that week my friend from out of town came to spend a week with us so I'm totally going to blame for for my lack of blogging! Haha just kidding, I take full credit for being a crappy blogger :)


I was so excited to get Sarah Dessen's new book in the mail and can't wait to read it <3

Visited  the ROC to find a great place to film some back to school videos ^.^

Haha, my friend told me to take a picture of the train I don't know why I listened to her!

I loved how sunny and beautiful it was that day was because all this week it has been super rainy :(  
I added a little bit of stuff to my room ^.^ 

And a floating shelf right outside my closet <3

Also I babysat my little sister and her friend, which was fun because I love kids and they were like yay Sierra! When they saw me, I don't know why but it's always a huge compliment when kids enjoy me babysitting them since I want to become a teacher :)

Song of the week: Ho Hey cover by Nashville Cast

How was your week? ^.^

Sending lots of love...


  1. Lovely photos!

    I love going to restaurants like Olive Garden when I'm in the States.

    The floating shelf looks really good!

    Hannah x

  2. I love the floating shelf :) so pretty :)


  3. Hi My friend!!!! Nice post!! Many kisses from Spain!


  4. You're back! I was wondering where you had gone. I was checking your blog quite often XD Glad you had a good time. I think it's a really good idea to have a break from the internet every now and again. I probably should! xo

    Jasmine @ rabbit-wood.blogspot.com

  5. :D Awe, it really means a lot that I was missed, lol at first I was like hmm.. no one wont notice that I went MIA but next time I'll mention if I'm going to not blog for a few days. And I know right, It's good to have a break every now and then... but just not for to long (i.e a month) because I really like you post! <3

  6. Hi Lola :) Thanks for liking this post

  7. :) Thank you! <3

  8. You should totally check it out <3 great deals and yummy food ^.^

  9. I love this diary style, story in pictures. So well done. Glad you took some time off!

    XX, Elle


  10. it's nice to hear you enjoyed your time away from the computer and had a good time hanging out with your mom. summer won't be around forever but blogging will! enjoy the warm weather while you can!


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  11. Sounds like a fun and relaxing week! Haha, I love Olive Garden! Their breadsticks are amazing!!! And I can't complain about them being unlimited ; ) love the hanging shelf you added!


  12. I'm glad you have been having so much fun! It's sometimes good to take a break from blogging.

    Corinne x

  13. I know right! Lol, my friend and I were like wow these things are amazing!

  14. You're so right! And I am glad I got a chance to relax for awhile<3


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