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Monday, July 1

Hi guys! So this week I didn't do much except work a little bit on some upcoming projects since those were being neglected, oopsie! But now that I got that rolling I can continue to do more blog post on reviews, DIY projects, nail looks, and hauls and fun stuff like that. Oh yeah, and Style Watch. Hehee... I'm so inconsistent but bare with me because I shall get everything back on schedule! 

I picked out this quote because I reached all of my goals I set for June and I'm so excited to see what can come next! Most of the time I tend to put myself down and not celebrate my accomplishments but now that I'm older I stated to realize the importance of building yourself up and doing what makes you feel happy! Ever since I started this blog I was unsure how everything would turn out because I got a lot of negative feedback from people I personally know (outside of the internet). The contrast from online and offline is mind blowing and makes me wonder if I'm just surrounded by the wrong type of people and maybe I should venture out to find more positive people to hang around... But on a brighter note I truly am grateful for all the encouragement I receive from the comments and emails :) 

What is something that you want to accomplish this week? 

Hope everyone had a amazing week,
As always...


  1. Exactly, I think the only thing that matters is if we try to stay positive about most situations and build ourselves up! :)

  2. People who are outside of the internet will judge you out of jealousy because you are doing something they wish that they could do. Personally I have never posted my blog on my facebook or anything for that exact reason. A wonderful quote too. I love your blog!! Jasmine xo


  3. Such an uplifting post! You should be proud of yourself!

    I'm lucky in that everyone around me has been supportive when it comes to my blogging... it must be discouraging to have people around you that aren't completely behind you. Forget about them and focus on you and your success! Wishing you the best :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts

  4. love that quote! It should guide you as become even more awesome.!

    XX, Elle

    @ http://mydailycostume.com/

  5. I just want to accomplish getting through the week! hehe

    Also, to answer your question about Man of Steel.... YES it was a great movie! I would highly recommend it! You should definitely see avengers too though :)



  6. I couldn't agree more!

    People will always have negative things to say, just ignore them!

    I just came across your blog and loved it, now following via GFC.

    Xo, Elsa

    Mix and Match
    the F word

  7. Thanks for following! :)

  8. Lol, okay I'll finally go see it! I might have to do a super hero movie night or something :)

  9. Thanks for liking this week quote!

  10. I agree with you, I don't know why but some people who were super supportive in the beginning stated to change their point of views and put me down about it.
    Haha, personally I hate Facebook and don't post anything on my personal account. The only people who know about my blog is my family, my best friend... and 2 other people who randomly came across it that I know.

    Thanks for the kind comment and I love your blog too! :)

  11. Yes, you're right, trying and not giving up is all that counts ^.^

  12. Bárbara MarquesJuly 2, 2013 at 6:43 PM

    So inspirational :)
    I'm glad you accomplished all of your June's goals!


  13. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog

  14. Love this!!

    Btw, your email is set up as a noreplyblogger so I can't reply directly to your comments on my blog. Are familiar with this? Just wanted to let you know! Email me if you need instructions on how to change it - it took me forever haha!



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