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Tuesday, July 2

Hey guys! Today I have a Berry Picky review featuring the NAAT Brazilian Keratin collection* 
Most of the time when a company debuts a new product many years of research goes into a making sure the product works for one specific use. However
, the one thing that makes a product wonderful is when you can use it to suit your specific needs and it still works perfectly! Since most people focus on the straightening values of karatin I wanted to focus on how it works with with no-heat.

 nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin collection is different from most treatments because it reduces your volume and controls frizzy hair. The full collection comes with five products that each one focuses specific hair need, add them all together and your ready for a good hair day!

On the back of each each bottle there's a little paragraph stating that their exclusive Green Keratin formula stays in your hair longer and is more resistant to rinsing. Unlike typical animal-based keratins, Green Keratin is an active ingredient derived from soybean, corn and wheat proteins that deeply adheres to hair fibers, promoting incredibly smooth hair through heat action. But wait, remember we are not going to use heat, so today I'm going to explain how each step worked for me without straightening. As a result my hair turned out stronger, highly nourished and overall improvement in shine. Sounds like a winner, eh? :)

So you might wonder what everything does and how each product works if it is not activated with heat, well continue reading to get all the deeds on this look on wonderful product!

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Here's a picture showing how different each product is and why you need most of them to keep your hair balanced 

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask

Let's begin with the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask. This product is perfect if your hair needs a little bit of TLC like (mines!) because it literally feeds your hair all the good stuff it's been missing out on. The first ingredient listed is water which means the hair mask wont leave your hair dry and limp. My hair looked so refreshed after I rinsed it out and continued to step two which was the shampoo.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Shampoo

At first glance the shampoo looked really promising because it stated that the Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Shampoo is sodium free, which is so good since sodium damages hair! But to my dismay this product didn't work out as good as I would like it to for my "no-heat" experiment. One of the problems that I had with this product is that it was really drying to sensitive my hair and made it impossible to detangle. I believe the only reason why it had a negative effect on my hair was because the shampoo is suppose to prepare your hair to get heat styled so it has to make sure everything is super clean, aka taking out a lot of natural oils. 

To use this collection without heat I would suggest skipping the shampoo and just use the Deep Conditioner as a shampoo. But if you want to straighten your hair this step is MANDATORY and should not be skipped whatsoever because it will mess up the whole process. 

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Conditioner

This product is step two of the treatment and is described to be balanced for intense shine and grace. The Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Deep Conditioner is one of my favorites because it really leaves my hair refreshed and soft. Most of the time I use the conditioner to clean and detangle my hair. Just add this in your hair and use as a you would with shampoo and it's perfect. But you are trying to achieve a straight heated hairstyle use the shampoo and follow up with this conditioner as the directions state.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor

After I'm done rinsing out my hair and it's super clean I like to follow up with the Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor. On the back of the bottle it states to apply to your hair from root to tip and it's not necessary to rinse out, so I did as the back of the bottle stated until I got to the part where it says I had to blow dry it and flat iron my hair. This is where I didn't press my hair letting it air dry finishing by styling as usual. Because of my hair type I was still allowed to add the Leave-In Reconstructor, but for most people it can cause your hair to become wiry so I would advice skipping this step if you don't want to experiment! 

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine

I use this product for everyday wear as a way to protect my hair from the sun. Since it's summer I'm outside more my hair sometimes get fried by UV rays that can cause split ends and dry damaged my hair. The Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine is perfect because it adds shine and locks in all the moisture!

Love it or Leave it?

Overall, I think this is a excellent product no matter what look you are tying to achieve. Originally the NAAT Brazilian Keratin collection is made to straightening your hair, but guess what? My hair turned out perfectly without heat and  looked even healthier then before! So whether you want a pin straight hair do or a naturally curly one this product is perfect for both and I'm glad almost everything worked out perfectly <3 
  • Packaging- LOVE - Perfectly designed
  • Formula - LOVE - Great for any look you are trying to achieve, weather it's heat styled or for non heated styling
  • Scent- LEAVE-  The shampoo had a really powerful scent that I could only describe as "clean" mixed with sunblock and baby power. But other then that the rest of the products smelled like a regular hair product, which I would describe as "clean/fresh".
What's your favorite way to wear your hair, heat styled or natural? :)

As always...

*EDITED NOTE, question from Beauty By Tillie: "Won't too much Keratin make your hair brittle? Thoughts?"*

Yes if you over use it. That's why I would advise skipping the shampoo if you are not going to use heat on your hair. If you use heat on your hair you will only have to use this collection every 2-3 weeks or whenever you want your hair straight. The only way I can describe Brazilian Keratin is that it's like getting a relaxer that wont damage your hair. The reason why it wont cause damage is because keratin is "more gentile" then the harsh chemicals in a relaxer treatment. Plus doing keratin once ever 2-3 weeks is way less damaging then straightening it every day.

Personally I don't like straightening my hair so I kept my hair natural and didn't use heat to "activate" the straightening effect which only activated the strengthening qualities of this product. Since I used it differently I would only use this when my hair really needs help and really needs a boost (ever one to two months). 

When I style my hair (without heat) I use everything except the shampoo because that product is harsh on my hair and will cause breakage if I used it.


  1. Great product review, darling! I've been wondering about keratin-based products for a while now! :)


  2. Won't too much Keratin make your hair brittle? Thoughts?

  3. Oooh, thanks for sharing this! My hair is sooo damaged. I get split ends all the time! I use a hot straightener everyday on my hair, so it definitely needs replenishment because conditioner in the shower is definitely not enough. I'm going to have to try this out!


  4. Shame about the scent. The rest of the product sounds amazing though :) x

  5. Oh, great question! I'll add the reply in a edited not so everyone can see it :)

  6. Okay! Tell me how it works out for you and your hair type :)

  7. I know right, It would have been excellent if it had a fruity scent!

  8. Great post! You always do such nice images with text :)
    This stuff sounds pretty amazing. I always struggle with dead ends!

  9. Great post! Your pictures are seriously amazing! I've never tried any products with Keratin... I may have to look into this some more!

    Eyeshadow Addicts

  10. Wow, you really know your stuff! I'm glad I have great blogs to read like yours so I would be completely clueless on how to buy products for my hair, skin, etc. My hair gets so abused by my bad habits so I think I'll need to try out some of these!

    xx Debbie

  11. I know I probably wouldn't like the strong scent of it either. Thanks for the great review!

  12. What an awesome products! I haven't heard of this brand before but I'll definitely check it out. I'd love to try that mask and shampoo, I bet they do their job brilliantly.


  13. I've always wanted to try Keratin products but I'm scared of it making my hair straight, I love having wavy hair but frizz is so annoying! How much are these?

  14. The shampoo alone dried out my hair, but the hair mask works really well! :)

  15. Haha, me too! I like reading about the newest products on the market from other blogs so it means a lot to hear such positive feedback on my lil ol' blog post <3

  16. Me too! If you want to just control the frizz and not get rid of your beautiful wavy hair I would suggest using a hair mask which is around $5.99 on

  17. Me too, and frizz!

  18. Great tips and you really did a good job with the post! I just bought a hair mask with green keratin yesterday, I can't wait to test it out! And the answer to your question is that I like to wear my hair natural.

    Also I'm happy to anounce you that I've nominated you for a Liebster award, find out more on

  19. Оксана ЗолотухинаJuly 4, 2013 at 7:40 AM

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Great review, thanks very much. I've never tried anything like this before, may just give it ago now! :)

  21. I appreciate keratin for its restructuring properties more than for its straightening power. Love how you described the smell of the shampoo :-)
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  22. Hello! I love this helpful review and am going to try the ultra smooth serum!

    XX, Elle


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  25. Thanks for liking the review! I enjoy the Ultra smooth serum also <3

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