How to Pick Out the Perfect Swimsuit

Friday, June 21

Hi guys! Summer is officially here and all those those sit-ups will finally pay off because its bikini time. I love swimming and going to the beach to soak up some wonderful sun but just like every girl I tend to get very self cautious and insecure about my body.
After a little bit of
trail and error I found out how to look amazing in a bikini and I can show you how to look
amazing too, because everyone can look great no matter how many flaws they have and trust me I have a LOT of flaws. So lets get started :)

Picking Bikini colors for your skin tone

Everyone is different so the beautiful shade of blue that flatter your friends body might not look so good on you. This is why most people gravitate towards a simple black swimsuit, but come on who wants to wear such a boring color to the beach? Beaches are suppose to be fun! Save the black and try wearing a color that compliments your skin tone.

If you're tan or tawny try the colors like neon or white because these eye catching colors tend to look really good against tanned and dark skin tones. But If you have fair skin try pastels and colors like bubble gum pink for a burst of color without looking to washed out.

❥ Bikini styles for your body type

First off you have to have to know what your body shape is, I'm a pear shape so I tend to carry most of my weight on the bottom half, to find out how to determine your body shape click this little pink heart
After you find out your body shape its easier to pick out a swimsuit, these are just top picks and my option, if you want to wear a tie-dye bikini with flashing lights go for it! It's your body and I'm not the fashion police... but here we go.

 ♥ Almost every hourglass looks good in the original sting bikini, inverted triangles look amazing with halter tops.

♥ Push-up or ruffle tops look great on pear shapes because it helps your top half even out the bottom

 ♥ Apple shapes look nice in tankinis with a pretty print

♥ And last but not least banana/boyish shapes look great with a fun print!

As for what type of style you want and how much you would like to spend? That's all up to you, places like Victoria's Secret and Target have many choices to choose from so I tend to shop there but where ever you decide to shop at just remember one thing, no matter what shape you are your body is beautiful and going to the beach is suppose to be fun place to relieve stress not create it. So get your beach bag ready and enjoy some fun in the sun in your little bikini.

What's your favorite part of summer?

 All photos are from Google Images


  1. I know right, I love push up bikinis because it evens my body out! Have your ever tried details on the bottom like ties or small ruffles? I heard that's great for your body type also ^.^

  2. YES :D Those ruffles look great. Gives the illusion of wider hips / smaller waist


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