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Monday, May 13

Re-post: I believe every girl has a list of items that they cannot leave the house without, whether it is for a trip to the beach or as simple as going to the store, we have item that we think we need. Recently I found out how to get the travel size items I love for to little to no cost.

Getting samples for free to use as travel items

We all know that you can get travel size at most drugstore stores for less then 2 bucks but what most people don't realize that these same items the manufactures give away for free on
their websites! Why waste money when you can do a quick search and find the products you love for free. Just go to the website and click on the samples tab to take you to a place where you can fill out your information, most websites offer free shipping. And another useful tip is to fill out your shipping info using different emails (that is REAL and you legitimately use) to order more samples from the same manufacturer. Most sellers are only interested to send you newsletters instead of actual paper mail, so they tend to ignore that it is being sent to the same address each time you enter your info.

Signing up for a monthly gift/samples box

Okay so your maybe wondering "what if I want samples for high end brands but they don't give away free samples", well one option is to sign up for a monthly samples box where they send you items from high end brands each month. These little boxes are packed with great stuff for about $10 to $20 a box and samples are small enough to put in a purse without junking it up. Personally I would advise to try out a monthly box like BirchBox or Glam Bags [by ispy aka Michelle Phan's company] because they are both low costing and have great costumer service! But if those monthly subscription boxes aren't for you I would advise searching Google to find a monthly box that would appeal to your personal style.

Buying average size items to receive a free mini

A lot of companies are doing this nowadays to help sell higher priced items. Most people don't think it's worth it to get the mini along with the full size, but the way I see it is if you were already going to buy the high priced item then why not get the free miniature size also? Stores that do this type of promotion include: Victoria's Secret (personal favorite), Ulta, Sephoria, Bath & Body Works, Macy's,  and much more. I got a lot of free stuff this way so check out your favorite high end store to see if they are having a sale on the brand you love and chances are they will give away a free mini item as a gift.

Buying reusable containers to store items for small places

Last but not least, storing your items in a small container to pack a DIY sample size in your bag. First let's talk about the pros and cons. A pro would be the fact that its free and easy to package but a con would include the fact that your items can always spill in your purse so be careful and make sure that lid is on tight! 
A great container to pack your beauty products is a empty Tic Tac container because they are sturdy yet small.

So I hope you find this helpful for organizing that bottomless pit you call your purse or that over packed suitcase and be sure to check out my past post listed at the bottom!
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  1. I've heard good things about the Soap and Glory hand food. Would you recommend?

    Ellen x



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