Forget LBD and Embrace the LWD Trend!

Monday, May 6
White isn't just for brides, forget the little black dress and pick up the new trend going around called "Little White Dress", it's just like the LBD trend so this one is also a must for any wardrobe.
Why am I loving it so much? Well white symbolizes purity and flatters every skin tone, just imagine a bright white dress on a deep tan or matching bright red lips for a color splash if you are fair skinned. Down below I made some samples on how to dress up a LWD.

Adding a Belt

When dressing up a LWD in  a casual way simply add a colored belt or if your into the classic look add a black belt. I love how skinny belts help cinch in your waist.
Added tip: If you are curvy try using a bright thicker belt so your eyes catch the bright color!

Cut Out

 First off I love this trend, it's perfect to add a little bit of sexy in a subtle way. The cut-out style is perfect for any body type or shape, it all depends on how much you want cut out. If your the daring type of person I would suggest a plunging deep V front cut-out to show off your best feature. For cute and casual I would suggest a side or back cut out, just remember the bigger the whole the more you show.

Ombre Dip-Dye

And last but not least the newest trend of 2013, Ombre Dip-Dye. This includes a fading color that pops at the bottom near the hemline, which is perfect for a "look at me" kind of dress because everyone will notice how the white color gradually fades into a bright hue. I enjoy this look with a simple hairstyle or assessory, to much will draw away the attention for the Dip-Dye.

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  1. I love white dresses too! My latest post is a white dress =)

    Corinne x

  2. I'll check it out your new post! Thanks for sharing your blog :)

    -B ♡


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